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May MAGNA (Hardcover)
When Darren Hatman reports his daughter missing, DI Wesley Peterson isn’t too concerned. Leanne Hatman is an aspiring model, keen to abandon her native Devon for London. However, Darren’s claim that a photographer has been stalking Leanne soon changes Wesley’s opinion. Leanne works at Eyecliffe Castle, a luxury hotel. When Darren is found murdered in the castle grounds, the police fear Leanne has met a similar fate. But, if so, where is her body? Meanwhile, Wesley’s friend, archaeologist Neil Watson, recently returned from a Sicilian excavation, makes a disturbing discovery near Eyecliffe Castle. He also says that while in Sicily, he met Leanne’s alleged stalker. Wesley suspects a connection.
l Mystery – 390pp – May – ISBN 978 0 7505 4399 6
NOBODY’S CHILD Elizabeth Gill
1930 Durham Fell tops, Castle Bank Colliery
Kath walked for so long that she wanted to lie down in the snow and sleep but she thought of her sister and knew she must go on. Soon the snow was so deep that she couldn’t move . . .
When their mother dies and their father, in his grief, burns down their wagon and runs away, Kath and Ella – gypsy sisters – suddenly become orphans. With no one to turn to for help, they face hardship and hunger at every turn. Will their special sisters’ bond be strong enough to see them to safety?
l Family Saga – 414pp – May – ISBN 978 0 7505 4421 4
Rosie Goodwin
Hardworking widow Dilly Carey has struggled out of poverty to make a successful life for herself. Surrounded by her children and grandchildren, Dilly should be content, but she is still troubled by the one secret she must never share. Olivia, the daughter Dilly gave away at birth, cannot find out the real truth about her parentage. It’s time for Dilly to forgive herself for the choice that she was forced to make. As she finds the strength and courage to visit her son’s grave on the battlefields of the Great War, will she also find a way to a new happiness – and a new love?
l Family Saga – 456pp – May – ISBN 978 0 7505 4402 3
A HOUSE DIVIDED Margaret Graham
Evie and her family have struggled to keep Easterleigh Hall, now a hotel, running during the depression, and with war looming, she worries for the children, who have to find their way in a changing world. Bridie is becoming a talented chef. Her cousin James has run away to fight in Spain. And Tim, the boy Bridie has always loved, shocks everyone by joining the Black Shirts and going to Germany. Heartbroken at Tim’s defection, Bridie isn’t sure she can ever forgive him. But somehow they must find a way to reconcile, because if war does come, they will need each other more than ever . . .
l Family Saga – 402pp – May – ISBN 978 0 7505 4405 4

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