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MAGNA (Hardcover)
On her deathbed, Aileen’s mother reveals a secret she has kept for eighteen years, and pleads with her daughter to fulfil a last wish. Torn by grief, Aileen leaves Dublin, the Fair City, and Dermot, the man she has grown to love. Lonely and vulnerable, she unwittingly befriends a salesman at the seed mill where she has found work. Suddenly, her life is in danger. On a visit back to Dublin, Aileen discovers a devastating truth. When she finally decides to return to Dermot, and the family she loves, will the secret she too is now hiding tear her and Dermot apart?
l Family Saga – 396pp – May – ISBN 978 0 7505 4394 1
DYING DAY James Mitchell
Bill Day – former RAF Wing Commander, war hero and superb pilot. Did he really help fly five fugitive SS men – and their loot – out of Berlin during the 1948 airlift in his company’s Dakota . . . none of them to be seen again? Forty years on, Anglo-Italian private eye Ron Hogget is hired to find that missing aircraft but soon finds he is not the only one searching for it, its pilot and its cargo. All he has to do is follow the trail of bodies and hope one of them isn’t his . . .
l Mystery – 312pp – May – ISBN 978 0 7505 4304 0
It is 1925 and the war is long over. But life will never truly be the same again. Castle Deverill, cherished home to the Deverill family in the west of Ireland for hundreds of years, has burned to the ground. Now young and flighty Celia Deverill is determined to restore the sad ruin to its former glory. Celia married well and has the wealth, after all, to keep it in the family and she cannot bear to see it stand neglected. But dark shadows are gathering once more, as the financial markets start to shake. And everything that felt so certain is once again thrown into doubt.
l General Fiction – 606pp – May – ISBN 978 0 7505 4400 9
Meet PC Donal Lynch: Irish runaway, insomniac, functioning alcoholic.
Donal is new to working the beat in London, trying his best to forget that night. Not many police officers can say they have a convicted murderer for an ex-girlfriend. So when a woman is murdered on his patch, Donal throws himself into the case. As the first person on the scene, he can’t forget the horrific sight that faced him. But how do you solve a case with no lead suspect and no evidence? As his past catches up with him, Donal is forced to confront his demons. But what will crack first, the case or Donal?
l Thriller – 402pp – May – ISBN 978 0 7505 4386 6

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