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MAGNA (Hardcover) October
The magnificent Dungeon House and gardens overlook Cumbria’s remote western coast. Twenty years ago the wealthy Whiteleys called it home. But not a happy one. Malcolm Whiteley had begun to disintegrate under financial and emotional pressures as he suspected various men in their social circle of being his wife’s lover. After a disastrous party, Lysette told Malcolm their marriage was over. An old Winchester rifle he had been hiding was at hand . . . Fast forward to today, Hannah Scarlett’s cold case team is investigating a couple of disappearances, now doubts arise about what really happened at the Dungeon House all those years ago.
l Mystery – 354pp – October – ISBN 978 0 7505 4465 8
THREAT Hugh Fraser
“A winter warmer of a novel that moves along at a brisk pace.” People’s Friend
Liverpool, 1936. Molly Penelope Hardwick has been abandoned in Haisborough Orphanage. Desperate to discover her background, she befriends another orphan, Lenny Smith. Together they sneak out to roam the city of Liverpool, and hatch plans for their escape. But when Molly is forced to leave the orphanage, Lenny has no idea where she’s gone. And when war is declared, he soon forgets about his childhood pal to focus on his posting with the RAF in Scrimpton. What Lenny doesn’t know is that Molly has her sights set on joining the WAAF. The chances are they will see each other again, but will it be the same after all this time?
l Family Saga – 360pp – October – ISBN 978 0 7505 4467 2
London 1961. In the dying days of the Macmillan government, George Preston is in control of crime in West London and Rina Walker is his favoured contract killer. When Rina is hired by Soho vice king Tony Farina to investigate the disappearance of girls from his clubs she discovers that they are being supplied to a member of the English aristocracy for the gratification of his macabre sexual tastes. Rina’s pursuit of the missing girls becomes increasingly perilous as she grapples with interwoven layers of corruption and betrayal and makes her way, via the louche nightclubs of Berlin, towards a final confrontation with depravity.
l Thriller – 294pp – October – ISBN 978 0 7505 4477 1
URN BURIAL Kerry Greenwood
The redoubtable Phryne Fisher is holidaying at Cave House, a Gothic mansion in the heart of Australia’s Victorian mountain country. But the peaceful surroundings mask danger. Her host is receiving death threats, lethal traps are set without explanation, and the parlour maid is found strangled to death. What with the reappearance of mysterious funerary urns, a pair of young lovers, an extremely eccentric swagman, an angry outcast heir, and the luscious Lin Chung, Phryne’s attention has definitely been caught. Her search for answers takes her deep into the dungeons of the house and into the limestone Buchan caves. But what will she find this time?
l Mystery – 252pp – October – ISBN 978 0 7505 4479 5

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