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MAGNA (Hardcover)
October / November
It’s 1941 and the country has been turned upside down. For the aristocratic Walsingham family this means their grand home is taken over by the Army. Ava and Maudie are at Walsingham Hall to become code girls and break German encryptions. So being sent downstairs to work in the kitchens isn’t exactly what they had in mind. But they do their duty and though life is tough, it has never been more exciting. Meanwhile, upstairs, Lord Walsingham is hiding something. Maudie and the girls realize the safety of their country might actually be in their hands after all . . .
l Family Saga – 504pp – October – ISBN 978 0 7505 4417 7
Summer has come to the Lake District town of Windermere, where Persimmon ‘Simmy’ Brown runs her own florist shop. With the shop struggling for money, a contract to provide floral displays for a hotel in Hawkshead couldn’t have arrived at a better moment. However, Simmy’s association with the hotel soon turns sinister when she finds a body in the lake. Then her friend, Ben Harkness – who alerted her about the body – goes missing and is thought to be kidnapped. While simultaneously trying to cope with her father’s encroaching dementia, solving the puzzle seems a gruelling challenge, but Simmy is compelled to uncover the truth . . .
l Mystery – 330pp – October – ISBN 978 0 7505 4463 4
Bryony and Hannah are sisters, but they couldn’t be more different, and war has brought even more of a rift between them. Hannah is young and headstrong. No one will stop her from doing what she wants, and she wants to stay in Jersey. But Bryony is happiest amongst her family and loved ones, and at Combe Lodge everyone is pitching in. The family home has filled with evacuees and Bryony has joined the ATA, helping to ferry planes across the country, whatever the risk.
When Jersey is occupied by the enemy, Bryony knows she needs to reach out to save her sister. But is she too late?
l Family Saga – 402pp – November – ISBN 978 0 7505 4497 9
“You’ll fall in love with this charming book.” Sunday Express
April Wilson feels like a part of her is lost forever after the death of her husband. Hoping to piece herself together again, she returns to the village of Tindledale, where she spent many happy summers and the place that her Great Aunt Edie still calls home. But April is dismayed when she arrives at Orchard Cottage to find both the house and her aunt in a state of dilapidation. With the help of Matt, the enigmatic local farrier and his troubled daughter, Bella, April starts to peel away the layers of neglect. She feels everything coming to life again, but can Orchard Cottage work its magic on her too?
l General Fiction – 372pp – November – ISBN 978 0 7505 4501 3

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