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Laura McBride
We Are Called To Rise
“Unforgettable... I can't stop thinking about it.”
“The lives of an immigrant boy, a soldier returned from Iraq and a middle-aged woman whose life is falling apart, collide in this remarkable debut.”
Beyond the bright lights and casinos
lies the real Las Vegas, where four
lives will be brought together by
one split-second choice. In the pre-
dawn hours, a woman's marriage
crumbles with a single confession.
Across town, an immigrant family
struggles to get by in the land of opportunity. Three thousand miles away, a soldier wakes up in hospital with the vague feeling he's done something awful. In a single moment, these disparate lives intersect, blinded by a life-changing catastrophe. Faced with seemingly insurmountable loss, each person must decide whether to give in to despair, or find the courage and resilience to rise.
General Fiction 416pp
Jo Nesbø
Blood On Snow
Translated by Neil Smith
“[An] incendiary cocktail of murder, revenge and a hitman with multiple problems.”
“Striking in its simplicity... Nesbø is a writer at the top of his game who continues to amaze in new and confounding ways.”
Olav lives the lonely life of a fixer.
When you 'fix' people for a living
– terminally – it's hard to get close
to anyone. He's been doing this for
Daniel Hoffman, a drug lord, for
four years, after discovering he's not
quite so good at being a driver, a stickup man, a drug dealer or a pimp. It seems Olav has a bit of a soft heart, and killing people for money means they won't be around to develop psychological problems afterwards. Most of them deserve it anyway... Now Olav has finally met the woman of his dreams. But there are two problems. She's the boss's wife. And Olav's just been hired to kill her...
Andy McNab
Tom Buckingham Series
“This is exciting and original stuff. McNab sure knows how to spin a tale, and this is one of his best.”
When SAS trooper Tom Buckingham
takes down a renegade Afghan
soldier, he's made a scapegoat for
the incident and drummed out of the
regiment. On his return to Britain,
disillusioned and embittered, Tom's
unique services are quickly snapped
up by charismatic entrepreneur
Vernon Rolt, a powerful billionaire
with political ambitions and very few
scruples. With riots on the country's
streets, a government in disarray, and a visit from the American President imminent, there has never been a better time to make a play for power. But, as Tom will soon discover, in the affairs of state hidden forces are always at work. He will have to decide where his loyalties lie and who his real friends are if he is to intervene in a spiralling sequence of events that involve terrorism, insurgency and, ultimately, assassination...
Thriller 464pp
Anne Perry
Death On Blackheath
The Inspector Pitt Series
“There is a freshness about [Perry's] writing which makes
it truly exceptional and I was gripped until the final page. Death On Blackheath was one of the best books I've read this year and I cannot recommend it highly enough.” EUROCRIME
Greenwich, 1897: In the small area
outside a house on Shooters Hill,
a macabre scene is discovered.
There has been a vicious fight, and
amid the bloodstains and broken
glass are torn locks of auburn hair.
Thomas Pitt, head of Special Branch,
is called: this is the home of Dudley Kynaston, an important minister with access to some of the government's most dangerous secrets, and any inquiry must be handled with utmost discretion. Although an auburn- haired maid is missing from Kynaston's household, with no body and no evidence there is little Pitt can do. Until a corpse, mutilated beyond recognition, is discovered a few weeks later... As Pitt begins to investigate, what he discovers could threaten not just Kynaston's own family, but also his Queen and country.
Thriller 152pp

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