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Brian McGilloway
The Lucy Black Series
“...a nimbly written and cleverly plotted tale. It's the details of the Derry landscape as much as the investigation into the murder of a teenage girl that held my interest. Give Black a try: this could be the start of a beautiful friendship.”
In mid-December, a fifteen-year-old
girl is found dead on a train line
near Derry, and Detective Sergeant
Lucy Black is called to identify the
body. The only clues to the dead
teenager's last movements are
stored in her mobile phone and on
clear that her 'friends' were not as trustworthy as she thought. Lucy is no stranger to death: she is still haunted by the memory of the child she failed to save, and the killer she failed to put behind bars. And with a new boss scrutinizing her every move, she is determined that – this time – she will leave no margin for error.
Crime 416pp
Mark Allen Smith
The Confessor
The Geiger Series
“Brilliant thriller.”
Known for his innate ability to
recognize lies, and his persuasive
methods of making people talk,
Geiger was the best of the best in
the field of Information Retrieval.
Until he was asked to break his only
rule. Something cracked in Geiger's
neatly controlled mind, opening
up a flood of terrible memories
long kept at bay. And now Geiger
is missing, presumed dead. But
with no body ever found, there
are a number of people invested
in finding out the truth. One of
those is Harry Boddicker, Geiger's old handler and friend. Another is his bitter rival, Dalton, who is determined to extract a final confession before carrying out his deadly revenge. But no one has reckoned on Zanni Soames – a woman more dangerous than any of them, and hell-bent on getting to Geiger first...
Rebecca Shaw
Village Rumours
The Turnham Malpas Series
“Rebecca Shaw mixes all the ingredients for a winning novel of village life.” THE TIMES
While clearing out the rectory's
loft, Reverend Peter Harris makes
an unsettling discovery, and a dark
secret is exposed that soon sets
tongues wagging in the village of
Turnham Malpas... Having received
a letter from the sons she hasn't
heard from in fifteen years, local
gossip Greta Jones is delighted
at the prospect of seeing them
after all this time – despite her
husband's misgivings... Meanwhile,
Fran Charter-Plackett has a difficult
decision to make. Her parents would like to see her settled with kind and reliable Alex Harris. But when Chris Templeton, the man Fran once lost her heart to, returns to the village, it seems he is all set to steal her affections once more. Is Chris really a changed man? And will Fran finally go with her heart, or her head?
General Fiction 328pp
Janet Walton & Robert Ettinger
Six Little Miracles
The Heartwarming True Story Of Raising The World's First Sextuplet Girls
“Amusing and heart-warming.” SUNDAY EXPRESS
Janet had been told she couldn't
have children, so she and her
husband Graham were overjoyed
to find out she was pregnant. Then
they told her it was not just one
baby, but six! On 18 November
1983, Janet gave birth to the
world's first all-female sextuplets:
Hannah, Lucy, Ruth, Sarah, Kate
and Jenny. Janet takes us through
the reality of parenting six children of the same age – the extreme sleep deprivation, the bottle-feeding, and later the chaotic routine of getting the six of them to school on time. As they grew up, Janet kept a sense of humour through the teenage tantrums and boy trouble, and she watched her little girls blossom into individual, confident young women. She has loved every minute.
social media – and it soon becomes
Thriller 520pp
N/F: General 408pp
committed to excellence 4

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