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Virginia Andrews
Garden Of Shadows
The Prequel To The Dollanganger Series
Olivia Winfield's hopes blossom
when the dashing Malcolm
Foxworth asks her to marry him
– but they wither when his true
nature is revealed. Foxworth Hall,
the beautiful home that should have
given them so much happiness,
becomes like a prison to her, with
Malcolm the cruellest of jailers.
With the arrival of Alicia, her father-
in-law's new bride, laughter and joy
return to Foxworth Hall. But in the
gloomy mansion filled with festering
desires and forbidden passions, a
stain of jealous obsession begins to
spread – an evil that will threaten
Olivia's children: two charming boys and one very special, beautiful girl. For within the halls of this cursed house a shocking secret lives. A secret that will taint the Foxworth family for generations to come...
GeneralFiction 424pp
Tammy Cohen
First One Missing
“An utterly page-turning psychological thriller from one of my favourite writers.”
“A compulsive thriller with a big heart. It kept me guessing till the end, too.” SASKIA SARGINSON
There are three things no one can
prepare you for when your daughter
is murdered: you are haunted by her
memory day and night; even close
friends can't understand what you
are going through; only in a group
with mothers of other victims can
you find real comfort. But as the
bereaved parents gather to offer
support in the wake of another killing, a crack appears in the group that threatens to rock their lives all over again. Welcome to the club no one wants to join.
Lee Child
The Jack Reacher Series
“Consistently exhilarating ride...sheer gusto...”
“This is the 19th Jack Reacher novel. I've read all the others.
If you haven't, start now. You can binge-read them all in three weeks. But then you will be sad. Because you'll have to wait for a year for the next one...”
You can leave the army, but the
army doesn't leave you, notes Jack
Reacher. Sure enough, the retired
military cop is soon pulled back
into service, this time for the State
Department and the CIA. Someone has taken a shot at the president of France in Paris. The bullet was American – and how many snipers can shoot from three-quarters of a mile with total confidence? Very few, but John Kott, an American marksman gone bad, is one of them. If anyone can stop him, it's the man who beat him before: Reacher. Though he'd rather work alone, Reacher is teamed with Casey Nice, a rookie analyst who keeps her cool with Zoloft. They're facing a rough road full of ruthless mobsters, close calls, double-crosses – and no backup if they're caught...
Thriller 456pp
Martina Cole
The Good Life
“A blinding good read.”
“Intensely readable.”
Cain Moran wants Jenny Riley more
than he has ever wanted anything
before in his life. But he is not a free
man...and Jenny is not just any girl.
She cares nothing for Cain's hard-
man reputation; she just wants to
be with him. But Cain is about to
find out that when his wife Caroline
said 'til death do us part, she meant
it. When Cain is sentenced to life in
prison, it seems that Caroline might
have got her wish. All Cain and
Jenny know is that if their love can survive such separation, then one day they will have a chance at the good life together. But there are greater trials ahead than either can foresee. They're about to learn the hardest lesson of all: live the good the price.
Thriller 384pp

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