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Virginia Andrews
The first book of the Casteel Family Saga
Of all the folks in the mountain
shacks, the Casteels are the lowest
– the scum of the hills. Heaven
Leigh Casteel is the prettiest,
smartest girl in the backwoods,
despite her ragged clothes and
dirty face...despite a father meaner
than ten vipers...despite her weary
stepmother, who works her like
a mule. For her brother Tom and
the little ones, Heaven clings to
her pride and her hopes. Someday
they'll get away and show the
world that they are decent, fine
and talented; worthy of love and
respect. Then Heaven's stepmother
runs off, and her wicked, greedy father has a scheme – a vicious scheme that threatens to destroy the precious dream of Heaven and the children forever!
See pages 5 and 8 for the second and third books of this series
The final two books of the series to follow in the October – December brochure
General Fiction 544pp
Elizabeth Day
Paradise City
“Audacious, funny and shrewdly telling – written with tremendous confidence and brio.”
“A wise, big-hearted novel. I was utterly caught up in Day's four interweaving lives.”
Howard Pink is a wildly successful
businessman still struggling to cope
years after his nineteen-year-old
daughter disappeared... Beatrice
Kizza fled from persecution in
Uganda, where homosexuality is
illegal, and now works as a maid at
a hotel... Esme Reade, an ambitious
staff reporter on a Sunday tabloid, is in pursuit of an elusive scoop... Carol Hetherington, recently widowed, is living the quiet life with her cat and The Jeremy Kyle Show for company. Four strangers, each inhabitants of London, where the gulf between those who have too much and those who will never have enough is impossibly vast. But when the glass that separates Howard's and Beatrice's worlds is shattered by an inexcusable act, they discover that the capital connects them in ways they could never have imagined.
Martina Cole
Get Even
“Her gripping plots pack a mean emotional punch.”
“This is Cole's 22nd novel and puts her at the top of her game once again.” THE SUN
Sharon Conway and Lenny Scott
are childhood sweethearts. Everyone
says they are too young, but nothing
can keep them apart. Sharon
doesn't question Lenny's business
dealings, and it isn't long before his
reputation as a hard man destined
for the top means they are living the
good life with their sons. Then, one
night, Lenny doesn't come home.
It isn't the first time he has gone AWOL – but it is the last. He is found murdered – beaten to death in an act of brutality that shocks even the police. And Sharon doesn't know why. But now, twenty years later, she has found out the truth. Such a crime cannot go unpunished. Revenge is long overdue. The time has come to get even...
Crime 496pp
Robert Goddard
The Ways Of The World
The first in the Wide World Trilogy
“A sly, highbrow take on
the espionage thriller with a
rich background that lends sophistication to an already opulent story.” KIRKUS REVIEWS
Paris, 1919: In the aftermath of
the Great War, with the fate of
the world's nations hanging in the
balance, a secret affair ends with the
death of a senior British diplomat.
The suspicious circumstances of the
incident – a night-time fall from
the roof of his mistress's apartment
building – compel his son Max, an
ex-Royal Flying Corps ace pilot, to look for enemies and motives for the killing. Standing in his way are all the powers-that-be, who want the case closed as an accident, thereby avoiding any disturbance of the peace talks with a scandal. Determined to defy them, Max throws himself head first into the dark heart of a seemingly impenetrable mystery – hell-bent on uncovering the truth.
General Fiction 472pp
Mystery 560pp
committed to excellence 2

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