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Eva Holland
The Daughter's Secret
Winner of the Good Housekeeping Novel Competition
“Holland builds a fascinating story around a compelling subject. And the ending? It certainly leaves its mark. A great debut – Holland is definitely one to watch.” HEAT
“Eva Holland's gripping debut is unputdownable.” HELLO!
When Rosalind's fifteen-year-old
daughter, Stephanie, ran away with
her teacher, this ordinary family
became something it had never
been asked to be. Their lives held up
to scrutiny in the centre of a major
headline news, while Stephanie was missing with a man who was risking everything. Now, six years on, Ros takes a call that will change their lives all over again. He's going to be released from prison. Years too early. In eleven days' time. As Nathan Temperley's release creeps ever closer, Ros is forced to confront the events that led them here, back to a place she thought she'd left behind, to questions she didn't want to answer. Where does the blame lie? And what happens next?
GeneralFiction 408pp
Paul Mendelson
The Serpentine Road
Vaughn De Vries Series
“A jaw-droppingly brilliant crime thriller.” PHILIP GLENISTER
South Africa, 1994: Even after the
release of Nelson Mandela and the
promise of free elections, extremist
groups terrorise the country. Captain
Vaughn de Vries finds himself in
pursuit of the suspects of a fatal
bombing in his precinct, under
the command of one of the most
feared white police officers of the
time: Major Kobus Nel. Out of radio
communication and without clear
evidence, the South African Police
Service barges into a township and
sets off a chain of events that will resonate for nearly a quarter of a century... Cape Town, 2015: Six men are murdered, each with a connection to a point in the past that de Vries would sooner forget. Old wounds, hidden in history, are exposed, and a mysterious killer approaches, whom no one seems to be able to stop...
Becky Masterman
Fear The Darkness
The Brigid Quinn Series
“Electrifying...another strong display of the author's ingenuity. Ms. Masterman once again shows herself to be an expert manipulator of readers' expectations.”
“Idiosyncratic and engaging... an action-filled finale that pulls the rug out from beneath expectations.”
After too many years spent in the
company of evil, Agent Brigid Quinn
has quit the Feds and is working out
what normal is meant to feel like. She's swapped serial killers, stakeouts and interrogation for a husband, friends and free time. But when you've walked in darkness for so long, can you stand the light? When a local teen drowns in a tragic accident, his mother turns to Brigid for help; but once Brigid looks closer, something doesn't add up. And it's no easier at home: after her sister-in-law's death, Brigid has reluctantly taken in her niece for the summer. Along with her grief, young Gemma-Kate brings with her an array of unwholesome interests that trouble her hosts. Death still seems to be wherever Brigid turns – and it's taking its toll...
Thriller 440pp
Fiona Neill
The Good Girl
“Neill writes with verve, honesty and breathtaking insight. Utterly unputdownable.” HELEN WALSH
“Clever, grown-up and totally gripping.” LISA JEWELL
Romy is the quintessential good
girl: a straight-A student who has
never given her parents a moment
of worry, leaving them to focus on
their other children (who are not
quite so easy) and themselves as
they go through a marriage crisis.
So when Romy finds herself at the
centre of a scandal, no one can
quite believe it – least of all her
mother Ailsa, who is also the head
of her new school. Ailsa is quick to hold Romy's new boyfriend and his parents responsible for what has happened. But as mother and daughter reveal their very different versions of events, a darker truth emerges. It soon becomes apparent that Romy isn't the only member of her family harbouring secrets, and her disgrace becomes the catalyst for the unravelling of all those around her...
police investigation, the Simms were
Crime 424pp
General Fiction 480pp LARGE PRINT BOOKS

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