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Karen Perry
Only We Know
“This is an intense and subtle story... Gripping stuff.”
“The book is beautifully written, with just the right balance of teasing the reader with clues and hitting them with revelations.”
In 1982, on a once-in-a-lifetime
holiday beneath the stifling heat of
the midday sun, three children start
a game that ends in tragedy. Now,
thirty years later, Nick, Luke and
Katie are estranged, yet still bound
together by the dark truth of what
happened at the river that day. Except some secrets won't stay buried... And when Luke suddenly vanishes and the threatening messages begin, it seems that the strings of the past are tightening around them all. Because someone else knows what they did, and is intent on seeking justice – at any cost...
General Fiction 384pp
S.K. Tremayne
The Ice Twins
“Beautifully paced, teeming with psychological shivers...”
“Unbearably gripping and suspenseful.” SOPHIE HANNAH
A year after one of their identical
twin daughters, Lydia, dies in
an accident, Angus and Sarah
Moorcroft move to the tiny
Scottish island Angus inherited
from his grandmother, hoping to
put together the pieces of their
shattered lives. But when their
surviving child, Kirstie, claims they
have mistaken her identity – that
she is, in fact, Lydia – their world
comes crashing down once again. As winter encroaches, Angus is forced to travel away from the island for work, Sarah is feeling isolated, and Kirstie (or is it Lydia?) is growing more disturbed. When a violent storm leaves mother and daughter stranded, Sarah finds herself tortured by the past. What really happened on that fateful day that continues to haunt the living?
Emma Smith
As Green As Grass
Growing Up Before, During & After The Second World War
“Wonderfully written, humorous and humane, and beautifully evocative of the time.”
Uprooted from her beloved Great
Western Beach, Emma Smith and
her family move from Newquay to
the Devonshire village of Crapstone.
Tragedy strikes when Emma's father
suffers a catastrophic breakdown
and, in 1939, war becomes a reality.
Determined to make a difference
to the war effort, Emma chooses
to work on canal boats, where she must learn to deal with hard manual labour, a sinking vessel, and buckets instead of toilets. When the war finally ends, Emma's newfound adventurous spirit takes her all over the world: to literary London, where she meets Laurie Lee; to India to film a love story; to France, where she falls helplessly in love. This is the story of an unusual woman determined, against a backdrop of enormous social change, to be a writer, come what may.
N/F: Memoir 400pp
Jeanette Winterson
The Gap Of Time
The Winter's Tale Retold
The Hogarth Shakespeare Series
New Bohemia, America. A storm. A black man finds a white baby abandoned in the night. He gathers her up – light as a star – and decides to take her home.
London, England. After the financial crash. Leo Kaiser knows how to make money, but he doesn't know how to manage the jealousy he feels towards his best friend and his wife. Is this newborn baby even his?
New Bohemia. Seventeen years
later. A boy and a girl are falling in
love – but there's a lot they don't
know about who they are and where they come from.
Inspired by Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale, this is a contemporary story in which Time itself is a player in a game of high stakes that will either end in tragedy...or forgiveness.
Thriller 408pp
General Fiction 352pp
committed to excellence 4

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