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Will Cohu
Nothing But Grass
“An enticing amalgam of Downtown Abbey and Wuthering Heights... Truly memorable...immensely poignant...deeply sensitive.”
“Cohu's insightful, moving depictions of both people and place illuminate what is an accomplished and memorable rural novel.” THE GUARDIAN
In the summer of 1875, two
travellers walk south across the
Lincolnshire Wolds to a village thick
with dark secrets. When Norman
Tanner kills his workmate on a cold
February morning a century later, he thinks he's got away with murder. But Norman doesn't know about the workmate's girlfriend; or the child that will come back to haunt him; or how he is caught up in a story that stretches back to that Victorian summer. For some in the village of Southby and its nearby grand estate, man is master of his fate, and the world is full of meaning...while for others, there is nothing but grass.
General Fiction 552pp
Robert Goddard
The Corners Of The Globe
The second in the Wide World Trilogy
“The master of the triple double- cross.” THE TIMES
“A compelling storyteller of our time.” THE SUNDAY TELEGRAPH
Spring, 1919: James 'Max' Maxted,
former Great War flying ace, returns
to the trail of murder and treachery
he set out on in The Ways Of The
World. He left Paris after avenging
the murder of his father, Sir Henry
Maxted, convinced the only man
who knows about the mysterious
events leading up to Sir Henry's
death is the elusive German
spymaster, Fritz Lemmer. To find out more, Max turns double agent and is dispatched by Lemmer to Orkney to gain possession of a document secreted aboard one of the German battleships interned in Scapa Flow. But the information the document contains is so explosive that Max is forced to break cover and embark upon a desperate and dangerous race south, pursued by enemies determined to recover it at any cost.
Alexandra Connor
Mask Of Fortune
As a child, Zoe Mellor craved her
mother's love, but her mother only
had eyes for her first child, Victor
– and died without revealing why
she had directed such rancour at
her daughter. Motherless at fifteen,
Zoe spends her young days looking
after her father and adored brothers
in Lancashire. Here, she discovers
she has a talent for painting and art
appreciation – which the conniving
Victor persuades her to put to
nefarious use. Zoe's meteoric rise in
the glamorous world of international
art is mirrored by her success as
a forger, which makes the family
a fortune – but also engenders
jealousy and greed. Now Zoe risks
losing everything she has always worked for: her reputation, and the love and security she has found...
General Fiction 606pp
Vanessa Lafaye
“Powerful, beautifully written and simply unputdownable.”
“Combining a moving love story with a fascinating slice of US history, this powerful novel is hard to put down.” HELLO!
Florida, 1935: In the small
segregated town of Heron Key,
where the relationships are as
tangled as the mangrove roots in
the swamp, everyone is preparing
for the Fourth of July barbecue –
unaware that their world is about
to change for ever. Missy, maid to
the Kincaid family, feels she has
wasted her life pining for Henry, a black veteran who has returned from the battlefields of France along with a group of other desperate, destitute ex-soldiers: unsure of his future; ashamed of his past... When a white woman is found beaten nearly to death, suspicion falls on Henry. And as the tensions rise, the barometer starts to plummet – far out over the Atlantic, the greatest storm ever to strike North America is heading their way...
Mystery 522pp
General Fiction 396pp
committed to excellence 6

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