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Virginia Andrews
Gates Of Paradise
The car crash that kills Heaven and Logan leaves Annie Casteel Stonewall orphaned and crippled. Whisked off to Farthinggale Manor by the possessive Tony Tatterton, Annie pines for her lost family, but especially for Luke, her half- brother – friend of her childhood, her fantasy prince, her loving confidante. Without the warm glow of his love, Annie is lost in the shadows of despair. And when she discovers Troy's cottage hidden in Farthinggale's woods, the mystery of her past deepens. But even as she yearns to see Luke again, her hopes and dreams are darkened by the sinister Casteel spell... treacherous, powerful and evil!
The Casteel Family Saga
See page 5 for the final book of this series
General Fiction 516pp
Joanna Cannon
The Trouble With Goats And Sheep
England, 1976: A town somewhere in the East Midlands. An avenue within that town. The hottest summer that anyone can remember. Mrs Creasy has disappeared – vanished into thin air, even leaving her shoes behind. Her husband wanders the street, waiting for her to return, convinced that she will be home in time for their wedding anniversary. But ten-year-olds Grace and Tilly are determined to find her. As the summer shimmers endlessly on, doors and mouths begin to open, the cul-de-sac gives up its secrets – and the amateur detectives will learn more than they could ever have imagined...
“I didn't want the book to end.” CARYS BRAY
“A very special book that makes us think about ourselves and others
more deeply...a terrific page-turner.” NATHAN FILER
Stephanie Butland
The Other Half Of My Heart
Fifteen years ago, Bettina May's life veered off course in one disastrous night. Still reeling from the shock of losing everything she thought was hers, Bettina opens a bakery in a village and throws herself into the comfort of breadmaking. She spends her days kneading dough and measuring ingredients, and begins to heal – until someone who knows what happened that night walks into the bakery. In the pause of a heartbeat, fifteen years disappear, and Bettina remembers a time she thought was lost forever... Can she ever go back?
“Heartwarming and beautifully written.” CARYS BRAY
“...Stephanie Butland at her best: tender, wise and intimate. A heart- warming (and sometimes heart-stopping) novel suffused with the irresistible fragrance of baking bread. Wonderful.” SHELLEY HARRIS
General Fiction 378pp
Michael Christie
If I Fall, If I Die
Will has never been to the outside,
at least not since he can remember.
And he has certainly never got
to know anyone other than his
mother, a fiercely loving yet wildly
eccentric agoraphobe who drowns
in panic at the thought of opening
the front door. Soon the confines of
Will's world close in on him. Despite
his mother's protests, he ventures
outside, clad in a protective helmet,
and braces himself for danger. He
eventually meets and befriends
Jonah, a quiet boy who introduces
him to skateboarding, and finds
his fears fading and his body
hardening with each new bump,
scrape and fall. But life quickly gets
complicated when a local boy goes missing, and Will and Jonah embark upon an extraordinary adventure...
“...powerful and page-turning...” SUNDAY BUSINESS POST “An astonishing piece of work.” PHILIPP MEYER
General Fiction 438pp
General Fiction 396pp
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