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Virginia Andrews
Web Of Dreams
On their return to Farthinggale Manor, the mystery-shrouded luxury home of the Tatterton family, Annie and Luke believe that they will finally be putting the past to rest, and bringing peace to the spirit of Annie's mother, Heaven. But Annie discovers a diary at Farthinggale, telling the story of her grandmother, Leigh, and of her great-grandparents...
Born into the privileged life of
Boston's wealthy classes, Leigh
hopes for happiness. Her dreams
are shattered, however, when her
parents divorce, and her mother
marries Tony Tatterton. The awful
shadow cast by the Tatterton family
over the lives of the next three generations begins to spread...
The final book of the Casteel Family Saga
General Fiction 576pp
Andrew Clover
The Things I'd Miss
If only things had been different, forty-three-year-old mother of two Lucy Potts would be married to Hugh Ashby, the man she loved and lost. Instead, she married his best friend Simon. When a devastating car crash leaves her unconscious, she finds herself revisiting the crucial moments in her past. But everything is slightly different. Suddenly, she is able to change all the things she's always wished she could. But by concentrating on her past, she is forgetting about all the things she would miss in the present; and as she comes round, she makes a devastating discovery...
“Heartstopping, and genuinely instructive about love.” GILES COREN “You will laugh, shed the odd tear and maybe learn to understand
your partner and life that little bit more.” NO. 1 MAGAZINE
GeneralFiction 330pp LARGE PRINT BOOKS
Diane Allen
Like Father, Like Son
There would be trouble at Paradise...
From birth, Polly Harper seems
destined for tragedy. Raised by her
loving grandparents on Paradise
Farm, she is unknowingly tangled
in a web of secrecy regarding her
parentage. When she falls in love
with Tobias, the wealthy son of a
local landowner of disrepute, her
anxious grandparents send her
to work in a dairy. There she is
instantly drawn to the handsome
Matt Dinsdale, propelling her
further into the depths of forbidden
romance and dark family secrets.
When tragedy strikes, Polly is forced
to confront her past and decide the
course of her future. Will she lose everything, or will she finally realize that her roots and love lie in Paradise?
Family Saga 366pp
Alex Barclay
Harm's Reach
When Special Agent Ren Bryce
discovers the body of a young
woman in an abandoned car,
solving the case becomes personal.
But the more she uncovers about
the victim's last movements, the
more questions are raised. Why
was Laura Flynn driving towards
a ranch for troubled teens in
the middle of Colorado when
her employers thought she was
hundreds of miles away? And what
did she know about a case from
fifty years ago, which her death
dramatically reopens? As Ren and
cold case investigator Jannie Hooks
slowly weave the threads together,
a picture emerges of a privileged
family determined to hide some very dark secrets – whatever the cost.
Ren Bryce Series
Thriller 450pp

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