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Laura Kalpakian
The Music Room
1969: Young Marcella and Rose-
Renee's parents are divorcing – their
mother going to Sweden to sing
opera, and their father travelling
across the US as a jobbing actor.
An inconvenient hindrance to their
careers, the two girls are left to live
with their enigmatic grandmother
Gloria, a renowned violinist, in her
decaying New England mansion.
Instructed never to disturb the
formidable woman as she endlessly
rehearses in the music room, the
children are left to their own
devices. Their cheerful neighbour,
Dorothea, convinces Gloria to allow
them to be home-schooled with her
sickly son, Rodney; and as the girls'
gifts are nurtured in ways they have never before experienced, they also receive warmth and care that are otherwise lacking in their lives. But when disaster strikes, and Dorothea is gone, where will they find help?
General Fiction 372pp
Gill Paul
No Place For A Lady
1854: Britain's gruesome war is about to change the lives of the Gray sisters forever. There has been no news of Lucy Gray since she eloped with an officer and travelled with him to the Crimea. Dorothea Gray prepares to join Florence Nightingale and her courageous nurses in the war hospitals, risking everything to find her sister and bring her home safe. Lucy, however, is on a very different journey, through tragedy, anguish and true love. But neither sister is prepared for the challenges they will face, the passion they will each taste, and the simple fact that they might never see one another again...
The Florence Nightingale Series
“A marvellous moving adventure, full of vivid colour and atmospheric detail. If you loved Poldark you'll love this!” LULU TAYLOR
“I enjoyed every page... I couldn't wait to get started and it was so irresistible I couldn't put it down.” PAM WEAVER
Christobel Kent
The Loving Husband
Fran Hall and her husband Nathan
live in a farmhouse on the edge of
the Fens with their two children.
One February night, when Fran is
woken from a dream, she finds
the bed empty beside her and
Nathan gone. Searching the house
for him, she makes a devastating
discovery. As Fran finds herself under
intense police scrutiny, she and her
two small children become more
isolated, and she starts to wonder
whether or not she really knew
Nathan. Was he truly the loving
husband she had believed him to
be? As police suspicion grows, the
questions for Fran begin to mount.
Is there something that she is hiding
from them – something that she has kept hidden from everyone, including her husband?
Richard & Judy Book Club
“Wow. This one will keep your bedside light on until the small hours – it's unputdownable.” RICHARD & JUDY
Suspense 444pp
Richard Porter
And On That Bombshell Inside The Madness And
Genius Of Top Gear
For 13 years, 22 series and 175
shows, Richard Porter was script
editor of Top Gear, from the first
faltering pilot episode in 2002 until
the very last show presented by
Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond
and James May in 2015. Along
the way, they destroyed cars,
sparked diplomatic incidents, set
fire to caravans, almost killed one
of the presenters, and somehow
transformed Top Gear from a shabby
BBC Two motoring show into an
Emmy-winning, record-breaking,
planet-straddling behemoth. From
driving monkeys to flying cars,
Richard Porter provides a unique insight into how the programmes were made, revealing behind-the-scenes disasters more comical than anything seen on screen, and explaining what it was really like to work inside the self-professed 'poky motoring show' that accidentally became a global phenomenon.
“...a funny and, at times, thought-provoking look into the world of one of the biggest motoring programmes of all-time.”
Historical Fiction 504pp

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