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Penrose Halson
Marriages Are Made In Bond Street
True Stories From A 1940s Marriage Bureau
In the spring of 1939, with the
Second World War looming, two
determined twenty-four-year-olds,
Heather Jenner and Mary Oliver,
decided to open a marriage bureau.
They found a tiny office on London's
Bond Street and set about the
delicate business of match-making.
Drawing on the bureau's extensive
archives, Penrose Halson – who,
many years ago, found herself the
proprietor of the bureau – tells both
its story, and those of its clients.
We meet a remarkable cross-
section of British society in the
1940s: gents with a 'merry twinkle',
potential fifth-columnists, nervous spinsters, sailors seeking 'a nice quiet affekshunate girl', and young women resembling Greta Garbo or Vivien Leigh, all desperately longing to find The One. And, thanks to Heather and Mary, they almost always did just that.
“An absorbing story...” THE MAIL ON SUNDAY
“Glimpse into the matchmaking world of 1940s London with this
delightful book.” NEW DAY N/F:General 376pp
Anna Jacobs
A Time For Renewal
In the aftermath of World War
Two, there's a desperate shortage
of housing and goods across the
nation. Mayne Esher's only hope of
preserving his family's war-damaged
stately home of Esherwood is to
turn it into flats. When he opens it
up to his Army friends who will be
starting a building business with
him, it soon becomes clear that
the house isn't the only thing that
needs fixing... Victor is fighting his
late wife's mother for custody of his
daughter Betty; whilst Ros, a former
Wren he meets, has been cheated
out of her money and has nowhere
else to go. Daniel, still unsettled
after his wartime experiences, is
waiting for his divorce to go through. And no one's heard from Francis at all...
Rivenshaw Series
Family Saga 432pp
Anna Hope
The Ballroom
1911: Inside an asylum on the edge
of the Yorkshire moors, where men
and women are kept apart by high
walls and barred windows, there is
a ballroom, vast and beautiful. For
one bright evening every week, the
inmates come together and dance...
This is the story of John, an Irishman
with a past cloaked in mystery – only
time will tell why he has been locked
up in the asylum. Of Clemency, who
has been incarcerated by her father
and brother after starving herself
rather than marry an abusive man.
Of Ella, who was dragged away from
the factory where she worked after
smashing a window. Of Charles, a
doctor and eugenics enthusiast. And
in the ballroom one May night, the lives of two people are set to change for ever...
Richard & Judy Bookclub 2016
“An original, brilliant, evocative novel.” CHRIS CLEAVE
“Absolutely heart-breaking. One of the best books I've ever read.” DINAH JEFFERIES
GeneralFiction 400pp
Stuart Neville
The Final Silence
Rea Carlisle inherits a house from
an uncle she never knew. When
she forces open a locked room, she
finds a leather-bound book. Tucked
in its pages are fingernails, locks of
hair, and a list of victims. Horrified,
Rea wants to go straight to the
police, but her father intervenes –
he's worked too hard to have his
brother's twisted legacy ruin his
promising political career. So Rea
turns to the only person she can
think of: disgraced police inspector
Jack Lennon. But Lennon has his
own troubles, and they only get
worse when a brutal murder places
him in the crosshairs of DCI Serena
Flanagan. Hounded by a police
force that doesn't trust him, it's up to Lennon to unravel the secrets of the dead man's journal, and a conspiracy that's stayed buried for decades.
The Jack Lennon Series
“Crime fiction doesn't get much better.” LEE CHILD
“Gripping from start to finish...defines a thriller writer at the top of his game.” SUNDAY INDEPENDENT
Thriller 360pp LARGE PRINT BOOKS

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