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Margaret Atwood
The Tempest Retold
Felix is at the top of his game as
Artistic Director of the Makeshiweg
Theatre Festival. His productions
have amazed and confounded.
Now he's staging a Tempest like
no other: not only will it boost
his reputation, but it will heal
emotional wounds as well. Or that
was the plan. Instead, after an act
of unforeseen treachery, Felix is
living in exile in a backwoods hovel,
haunted by memories of his beloved
lost daughter, Miranda – and also
brewing revenge. After twelve years,
his chance finally arrives in the
shape of a theatre course at a
nearby prison. Here, Felix and his
inmate actors will put on his Tempest and snare the traitors who destroyed him. It's magic! But will it remake Felix as his enemies fall?
The Hogarth Shakespeare Series
“...without question the cleverest 'neo-Shakespearean novel' I have ever read...wonderfully ingenious.” THE TIMES
“This book is funny and wonderful. Highly recommended...”
Bill Bryson
The Road To Little Dribbling
Twenty years after his trip around
Britain to celebrate the green and
kindly island that had become his
adopted country, Bill Bryson makes
a brand new journey around Britain
to see what has changed. From
Bognor Regis to Cape Wrath, by
way of places that many people
never get to at all, Bryson sets
out to rediscover the beautiful,
magnificently eccentric, endearingly
unique country that he thought
he knew but doesn't altogether
recognize anymore. Yet, despite
Britain's occasional failings and
more or less eternal bewilderments,
he is still pleased to call this rainy
island home – and not just because
of the cream teas, a noble history, and an extra day off at Christmas...
The Notes From A Small Island Series
A LibraryReads Top Pick for January 2016
“Bryson has no equal. He combines the charm and humour of Michael Palin with the cantankerousness of Victor Meldrew and the result is a benign intolerance that makes for a gloriously funny read.”
General Fiction 352pp
Alafair Burke
The Ex
Olivia Randall is one of New York City's best criminal defence lawyers. When she gets a phone call informing her that her former fiancé has been arrested for a triple homicide, there is no doubt in her mind as to his innocence. The only question is, who would go to such great lengths to frame him – and why? For Olivia, representing Jack is a way to make up for past regrets, and the hurt she caused him. But as the evidence against him mounts, she is forced to confront her doubts...
N/F: Travel 504pp
Paula Daly
The Mistake I Made
Roz is a single mother, a physiotherapist, a sister, and a
friend. She's also desperate. Her
business has gone under, she's
crippled by debt, and she's just had
to explain to her son George why
someone's taken all the furniture
away. Then she meets Scott Elias –
wealthy, powerful, and very married
– who makes her an offer: for one
night with her, he'll pay enough to
bring her back from the edge. Roz
knows it's time for action – she has
two weeks to find a solution, or she
and George will be kicked out of
their home. As the situation spirals
out of her control, she is forced to
do things she never thought herself
capable of. Will she ever be able to set things right?
“Hypnotically gripping.” TESS GERRITSEN
“A page-turning thriller with heart.” RENEE KNIGHT
“A great set-up, and it keeps you guessing right to the very end. I loved it.” BECKY MASTERMAN
“Burke's writing has always been intelligent and often funny, and her female protagonists sharp and engaging – The Ex is her best yet.”
Thriller 368pp
Suspense 416pp LARGE PRINT BOOKS

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