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David Ashton
Shadow Of The Serpent
1880, Edinburgh: Election fever grips the city. But while the rich and educated argue about politics, in the dank wynds of the docks it's a struggle just to stay alive. When a prostitute is brutally murdered, disturbing memories from thirty years ago are stirred in Inspector McLevy, who is soon lured into a murky world of politics, perversion and deception – and the shadow of the serpent.
An Inspector McLevy Mystery Based on the BBC Radio 4 Series
“David Ashton's writing is excellent, his characters thoroughly convincing, and his narrative grabs you...and doesn't let you go.”
“Ashton impeccably evokes Edinburgh so vividly that you can feel the cold in your bones and the menace of the Old Town's steep cobbles and dark corners.” FINANCIAL TIMES
Mystery 352pp
Sam Carrington
Saving Sophie
When Karen Finch's seventeen-
year-old daughter Sophie arrives
home after a night out, drunk and
accompanied by police officers, no
one is smiling the morning after. But
Sophie remembers nothing about
how she got into such a state.
Twelve hours later, Sophie's friend
Amy has still not returned home.
Then the body of a young woman
is found. Karen is sure that Sophie
knows more than she is letting on.
But Karen has her own demons to
fight. She struggles to go beyond
her own door without a panic
attack. As she becomes convinced
that Sophie is not only involved but
also in danger, Karen must confront
her own anxieties to stop whoever killed one young girl moving on to another – Sophie.
“I was hooked... I devoured this story in one sitting... In this book the character development is as good as the writing and I found myself really rooting for Karen and the ending made me gasp.”
Lisa Carey
The Stolen Child
May, 1959: St Brigid's is a remote
island off the west coast of Ireland.
It is barren and its small community
is dwindling. But according to
rumour, it is a magical place, home
to a healing well. Two sisters, Rose
and Emer, have resisted the call
of the mainland. Rose is beautiful,
blessed with love and many children.
Emer is unlovely, and worse still,
cursed by the strange currents that
run through her fingers. When an
outspoken American named Brigid
arrives in search of a miracle, she
is initially shunned, as the islanders
keep their secrets close. But as the
months pass and Brigid carves out
a place on the island and in the
sisters' lives, a complicated web of betrayal, fear and desire culminates in one shocking night that will change the island, and its inhabitants, forever...
“Some books set up house inside your soul. The Stolen Child is one such book. Utterly magnificent.” M.R. CAREY
“Compelling, eerie and beautiful.” NUALA O'CONNOR
General Fiction 472pp
Jackie Collins
Confessions Of A Wild Child
Lucky Santangelo is powerful and charismatic – but how did she become the woman she is today? This is the story of the teenage Lucky as she discovers boys and love, and fights her father, the infamous Gino Santangelo, to forge her own individual and strong road to success. Even at 15, Lucky follows her own path – and it's a crazy ride, from a strict girls' school in Switzerland to an idyllic Greek island, a Bel Air estate, a New York penthouse, and a luxurious villa in the south of France. Nobody can control Lucky. She knows what she wants – and she goes for it with no holds barred...
The Lucky Santangelo Series
“Bin your Fifty Shades – there are no better bedroom (or any other room, for that matter) scenes than in a Jackie book...the queen
of the bonkbuster has done it again. Thrilling, sexy and totally compulsive.” HEAT
Crime 408pp
General Fiction 288pp LARGE PRINT BOOKS

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