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Paula Daly
The Trophy Child
Karen Bloom expects perfection. Her son, Ewan, has been something of a disappointment, and she won't be making the same mistake again with her beloved, talented child, Brontë. Brontë's every waking hour will be spent at music lessons and dance classes, doing extra schoolwork and whatever it takes to excel. But as Karen pushes Brontë to the brink, the rest of the family crumbles. Karen's husband, Noel, is losing himself in work, and his teenage daughter from his first marriage, Verity, is becoming ever more volatile. The family is dangerously near breaking point. Karen would know when to stop... wouldn't she?
“Kept me guessing right until the end. I devoured it.”
“A terrific page turner.” THE GUARDIAN
Suspense 432pp
TP Fielden
The Riviera Express
Gerald Hennessey – silver screen
star and much-loved heart-throb
– never quite makes it to Temple
Regis, the quaint seaside town on
the English Riviera. Murdered on
the 4.30 from Paddington, the loss
of this great man throws Temple
Regis's community into disarray.
Not least Miss Judy Dimont –
corkscrew-haired reporter for
the local rag, the Riviera Express.
Investigating Gerald's death, she's
soon called to the scene of a second
death, and, setting off on her
moped, finds Arthur Shrimsley in
an apparent suicide on the clifftops
above the town beach. Miss Dimont
must prevail – for why was a man
like Gerald coming to Temple Regis anyway? What is the connection between him and Arthur? And just how will she get any answers whilst under the watchful and mocking eyes of her infamously cantankerous editor, Rudyard Rhys?
The Miss Dimont Mystery Series
“Unashamedly cosy, with gentle humour and a pleasingly eccentric amateur sleuth, this solid old-fashioned whodunit is the first in what promises to be an entertaining series.” THE GUARDIAN
Emma Donoghue
The Wonder
Lib Wright, a young English nurse,
arrives in an impoverished Irish
village on a strange mission. Eleven-
year-old Anna O'Donnell is said to
have eaten nothing for months, but
appears to be thriving miraculously.
With tourists thronging to see this
child, and the press sowing doubt,
the baffled community looks to an
outsider to bring the facts to light.
An educated sceptic, trained by
the legendary Florence Nightingale
and repelled by what she sees as
ignorance and superstition, Lib
expects to expose the fast as a hoax
right away. But as she gets to know
the girl, she becomes more and
more unsure. Is Anna a fraud, or a
'living wonder'? Or is something more sinister unfolding right before Lib's eyes – a tragedy in which she herself is playing a part?
“...impossible to put down... Donoghue has written with crackling intensity...” NEW YORK TIMES
“Outstanding... Exploring the nature of faith and trust with heartrending
intensity, Donoghue's superb novel will leave few unaffected.” BOOKLIST
General Fiction 376pp
Bryony Fraser
Sunshine On A Rainy Day
It's Zoe and Jack's first wedding anniversary, and they've got an announcement: they're getting divorced! Marriage isn't for everyone – something that Zoe and Jack discovered only after they'd walked down the aisle. Bad timing, huh? So now they're stuck together in their once-harmonious marital home, neither of them willing to move out. With Zoe's three sisters always wanting a say, and Jack's best friend trying his hardest to fix things between them, misunderstandings arise. Tempers flare. 'Accidents' happen. But maybe things aren't quite as final as they seem?
Mystery 360pp
Romance 416pp committed to excellence

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