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Phillipa Ashley
Summer At The Cornish Cafe
Demi doesn't expect her summer
in Cornwall to be anything out of
the ordinary. As a waitress working
all hours, serving ice-creams is
as exciting as the holiday season
is likely to get. That is, until she
meets Cal Penwith. An outsider like
her, Cal is persuaded to let Demi
help him renovate his holiday resort,
the once idyllic Kilhallon Park. Over
the course of the Cornish summer,
Cal and Demi grow close; and to
her surprise, Demi realises she's
finally found a place she can call
home. But Cal has complications
in his past that make Demi wonder
if he could ever be interested in
her. And as the summer draws to a
close, she faces the hardest decision of her life...
The first in the Cornish Cafe Series
“Warm and funny and feel-good. The best sort of holiday read.” KATIE FFORDE
“Filled with warm and likeable characters. Great fun!” JILL MANSELL General Fiction 400pp
Rebecca Done
My Husband The Stranger
When Molly married Alex Frazer, she
knew it was for ever. Theirs would
be the perfect future. However,
after a night out with his twin
brother, Graeme, a terrible injury
leaves Alex with permanent brain
damage. In a single moment, the
man she married is transformed
into someone new. Someone who
has forgotten how to love her.
And someone Molly isn't sure she
can ever love again. The Alex she
married no longer exists. Even with
Graeme willing to help, Molly isn’t
sure that she can go on. How can
she stay married to a man she
doesn't know? Should she let the
future she dreamed of slip through
her fingers? And what really happened on the night that turned her husband into a stranger?
“You might be surprised who you find yourself rooting for in this engrossing and intelligent tale of forbidden love. I enjoyed it hugely.” LOUISE CANDLISH
“Warning – you will not want to put this down. The twists and turns will have you on the edge of your seat.” METRO
Will & Sheila Barton
The Woman In The Water
Bath, 1761: When the body of a
woman is found in the River Avon,
the authorities quickly declare it
is merely a nameless pauper who
committed suicide. However,
maidservant Lizzie Yeo is worried;
she hasn't seen her friend, Nancy,
for a while. Intent on bettering
herself and escaping her past, Lizzie
accepts a job as housekeeper for
the Reverend Jonathan Harding, a
widower with a young son. Harding,
too, is concerned about the identity
of the dead woman, particularly
when news reaches Bath that a
local squire's daughter has vanished
and the leading lady in a visiting
production of Macbeth is missing.
While Harding attempts to solve the case with logic, streetwise Lizzie's sharp wits lead her to the truth about the woman in the water, but someone is clearly out to stop her...
“A terrific whodunnit, drawing the reader deep into the secrets of Bath in its glory days. And in Jonathan Harding and Lizzie Yeo, there are two new stars in the world of detectives.” STEWART HARCOUT
Mystery 312pp
Felicity Everett
The People At Number 9
When Gav and Lou move into the house next door, Sara spends days plucking up the courage to say hello.
The new neighbours are glamorous, chaotic and a little eccentric. They make Sara and her husband Neil seem dull by comparison. Or so
Sara thinks. But soon the couples become friends, sharing supper, bottles of red wine, and childcare; laughing and trading secrets late
into the night. The more time Sara spends with Gav and Lou, the more
she longs to make changes in her
own life. But those changes will come at a price. And soon Gav and
Lou will be asking things they've no
right to ask of their neighbours, with shattering consequences for all of them...
“An exciting, dark novel about friendship; brutally truthful and raw.” ADELE PARKS
“This was clever, relentless and utterly recognisable. I absolutely loved it!” KATIE FFORDE
Romantic Suspense 392pp
Thriller 344pp LARGE PRINT BOOKS

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