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Hanging Valley
  • 9781859037201
  • 01-02-2004
  • SS-CD
Hanging Valley (Audio CD)
Peter Robinson / Tim Goodman

'If you haven't caught up with Peter Robinson already, now is the time to start' INDEPENDENT ON SUNDAY A faceless corpse is discovered in a tranquil, hidden valley below the village of Swainshead, and when Chief Inspector Alan Banks arrives, he finds that no one is willing to talk. Banks's frustration grows when the identity of the body is revealed. It seems that his latest case may be connected with an unsolved murder in the same area five years ago. Among the silent suspects are the Collier brothers, the wealthiest and most powerful family in the area. When they start using their influence to slow down the investigation, Banks finds himself in a race against time...

Cookley Green
  • 9781859037386
  • 01-02-2004
  • SS-CD
Cookley Green (Audio CD)
Margaret Chappell / Mary Miller

'Excellent and unusual...sometimes very funny, sometimes moving' Elizabeth Jane Howard When a new school teacher settles in Cookley Green with her young son, she finds her neighbour is Pearl, a former workhouse inmate whose memory stretches back to the Great War, when Cookley Green was a village and the great Summerfield estate ruled the lives of the villagers. Pearl can remember them so vividly: Lord and Lady Summerfield, their son Neville, Josh the wheelwright, Bendy the cobbler, Bossy Bertha, the midwife...As Pearl begins to unlock the secrets of the past, she paints an enchanting portrait of village life that may have vanished for ever.

White Death
  • 9780753122914
  • 01-01-2004
White Death (Audio CD)
Clive Cussler & Paul Kemprecos / Jeff Harding

"Cussler is hard to beat" DAILY MAIL "The guy I read" Tom Clancy The hero of FIRE ICE is back in a breathtaking new adventure A confrontation between a radical environmentalist group and a Danish cruiser has forced Kurt Austin, leader of NUMA's Special Assignments Team, and colleague Joe Zavala to come to the rescue of a shipful of trapped men. But when the two of them investigate further, they discover that something far more sinister is at work. A shadowy multinational corporation is attempting to wrest control of the very seas themselves and killing anyone who attempts to stop them. The environmental disaster has already begun, and only Austin and NUMA stand in the way. Filled with all the heart-stopping adventure and endless imagination that are Cussler's hallmarks.

Unnatural Justice
  • 9781842837917
  • 01-01-2004
  • SO-CD
Unnatural Justice (Audio CD)
Quintin Jardine / Joe Dunlop

Oz Blackstone is enjoying the success of his latest smash hit movie. He's moving into a big country house near Loch Lomond with his gorgeous wife Susie Gantry who has twice been named Scottish Businesswoman of the Year. But their dream lifestyle is turning into a nightmare: blackmailers threaten Oz's father with a particularly sleazy scam, Oz gets paint thrown at him during the premiere of his movie and then an incendiary bomb is sent to his wife's offices. Oz has never ducked out of confrontation but as he prepares to fight back he knows he's being sucked into a vortex of evil.

Daisy's Secret
  • 9781859037249
  • 01-01-2004
  • SS-CD
Daisy's Secret (Audio CD)
Freda Lightfoot / Margaret Sircom

Abandoned by her sweetheart and rejected by her family, Daisy Atkins feels she has no choice but to agree to being evacuated to the Lakes at the start of the war. Still grieving for the baby boy she gave up for adoption she resolves that he will be her secret, spoken of to no one, and she seeks consolation by taking under her wing two frightened little girls. When she meets Harry Driscoll it seems she will have a second chance at love; but her secret is about to come back to haunt her...

Unto The Wicked
  • 9781859037256
  • 01-01-2004
  • SS-CD
Unto The Wicked (Audio CD)
Dylan Jones / Trudy Harris

Criminally insane Colin Heggarty is behind bars, thanks to Natalie Vine, but when she thwarts him, he takes his revenge by arranging the abduction of one of his recovering victims. Natalie is given seven days to save her life and every day brings a grisly reminder that time is running out. She fears letting him inside her head - but is there a choice when an innocent life hangs in the balance? Natalie's friend Vicky also needs her help, when she is the only suspect in a murder enquiry. Natalie doesn't realize how one case will fatally influence the other...

The House On Lonely Street
  • 9781842837320
  • 01-12-2003
  • SO-CD
The House On Lonely Street (Audio CD)
Lyn Andrews / Anne Dover

The Sunday Times bestseller For Katherine Donovan, the Dublin slums are a lonely place and she longs to leave. So when her hated father is found murdered, a victim of local revenge for an act of cruelty, she unearths his money and flees, in fear of her life. She takes her young friend Ceppie Hely with her to Liverpool where, after finding a temporary haven with the Boland family, Katherine uses the last of her money to rent a ramshackle lodge. But far from finding refuge for herself and the little girl she promised to protect, she has put them into the path of terrifying danger.

Emma's Secret
  • 9780753122587
  • 01-11-2003
Emma's Secret (Audio CD)
Barbara Taylor Bradford / Diana Bishop

The book the fans have been waiting for: the sequel to A WOMAN OF SUBSTANCE EMMA'S SECRET is vintage Barbara Taylor Bradford, filled with passion, intrigue and drama. Paula O'Neill, beloved grand-daughter of the legendary Emma Harte and guardian of her business empire, believes that all Emma left to the family is secure. But beneath a calm surface, sibling rivalry and discontent is seething. Into this volatile state comes Evan Hughes from America, whose own grandmother had told her to find Emma Harte - and Evan bears an uncanny resemblance to Paula. Only in Emma's diary can a long-held secret be revealed.

Bad Men
  • 9780753122594
  • 01-11-2003
Bad Men (Audio CD)
John Connolly / Hayward Morse

In 1693, the settlers on the small Maine island of Sanctuary were betrayed to their enemies and slaughtered. Since then, the island has known three hundred years of peace. Until now. Men are descending on Sanctuary to hunt down and kill the wife of their leader and retrieve the money that she stole from him. All that stands in their way are a young rookie officer, Sharon Macy, and the island's strange, troubled policeman, the melancholy Joe Dupree. But Joe Dupree is no ordinary policeman. Guardian of the island's secrets, he knows that Sanctuary will tolerate the shedding of innocent blood no longer.

Down Daisy Street
  • 9781842837283
  • 01-11-2003
  • SO-CD
Down Daisy Street (Audio CD)
Katie Flynn / Anne Dover

Liverpool, 1935. Kathy Kelling is coming home to Daisy Street from her first day at the High School, longing to tell her friend, Jane, all about it. The Kellings' life becomes a struggle when Kathy's brother Billy has a serious accident. He needs constant attention and Mrs Kelling must take in lodgers so that Kathy's schooling does not suffer. When war breaks out Kathy and Jane are forced to grow up fast. Kathy meets the handsome Alec Hewitt, but he is more attracted to blonde, bubbly Jane. But Fate has not yet finished with Kathy Kelling...

  • 9781859036891
  • 01-11-2003
  • SS-CD
Evelyn (Audio CD)
Evelyn Doyle / Marie McCarthy

Ireland 1953. Desmond Doyle is married with six children and living in the infamous Fatima Mansions in Dublin. His wife deserts him and Desmond's world falls apart when he is advised to put his children in the care of State industrial schools as a temporary measure while he finds work in England. Upon his return, to his horror he finds that the children have been consigned to care until the age of sixteen. Told through the eyes of Evelyn, Desmond's nine year old daughter, this is the heartrending true story of one man's fight to change the law and reunite his family.

Fallen Gods
  • 9780753122501
  • 01-10-2003
Fallen Gods (Audio CD)
Quintin Jardine / James Bryce

Can Britain's sharpest Detective draw triumph from tragedy? The heat is on for DCC Bob Skinner, Scotland's most revered and, in some circles, most feared cop. His career hangs by a thread, as a recent illness has given his enemies a weapon to use against him. A body found in the detritus of a flood is identified as the hated brother whose existence he has kept hidden for years. And an incendiary device destroys a valuable painting in the Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh. As Skinner and his team tackle these crises, his wife Sarah, left in America with their children to recover from the loss of her parents, finds comfort with an old college lover. When fate leaves her staring at a seemingly inevitable murder conviction, Bob will need all his fearsome resources to sort out the tangled mess his life has become. But is he still up to the challenge...?

  • 9780753122525
  • 01-10-2003
Dragonplague (Audio CD)
Terence Strong / John Cormack

Based on a real-life expose of a massive secret terrorist operation to flood Britain with heroin. Terence Strong takes the reader into a new and unchartered nightmare world. It is a world where the twin evils of today stalk side by side, creating the greatest peacetime menace ever known to civilised society: terrorism and hard drugs. No one will escape the nightmare. Not the former Royal marine who dares to fight it. Not his wife and son for whom he risks everything. Nor past and future lovers. All will feel the tentacles of terror during the desperate struggle for freedom - and life itself. Tortured passions, human frailty and strength combine in this powerful story of courage against all odds.

Holy Fools
  • 9781842837252
  • 01-10-2003
  • SO-CD
Holy Fools (Audio CD)
Joanne Harris / Anne Dover

In seventeenth-century France, against a backdrop of witch trials, regicide and religious frenzy, Juliette finds herself seeking refuge among the sisters of the remote abbey of Sainte Marie-de-la-Mer. Once an actress and rope dancer, forced to abandon the travelling life, Juliette makes a new life for herself and her young daughter, Fleur. But she may not be safe forever. Times are changing; politically and socially with the murder of the King, Henri IV; and closer to home with the appointment of a new Abbess and a ghost from the past in the shape of Guy LeMerle, a man that Juliette has every reason to fear and hate...

Nothing Is Forever
  • 9781859036983
  • 01-10-2003
  • SS-CD
Nothing Is Forever (Audio CD)
June Tate / Pamela Donald

"A heart-warming tale with a vividly drawn central character" COVENTRY EVENING TELEGRAPH Following the loss of her fiance in WWI, a devastated Flora Ferguson arrives in Southampton, alone and desolate. With the love of her life gone, she devotes herself to the street-children who live around the docks and to free them from their poverty and squalor. Through this sacrifice comes unexpected fulfilment, for not only does Flora find her work wonderfully rewarding, she finds a new degree of happiness through her friendship with the handsome and dedicated Dr Richard Goodwin - a man who shares her compassion and desire to help. Flora must fight for the happiness she knows can be hers...

When Daylight Comes
  • 9781842836514
  • 01-09-2003
  • SO-CD
When Daylight Comes (Audio CD)
Lyn Andrews / Anne Dover
The Long Journey Home
  • 9781842836538
  • 01-09-2003
  • SO-CD
The Long Journey Home (Audio CD)
Wendy Robertson / Julia Franklin
Bone Dancing
  • 9781859036860
  • 01-09-2003
  • SS-CD
Bone Dancing (Audio CD)
Jonathan Gash / Francis Middleditch

"Gash is in top form...promises further entertainment to come" PUBLISHERS WEEKLY Dr Clare Burtonall is a hard working Manchester-based doctor. However her private life is unconventional with her boyfriend Bonn being a male escort - fulfilling the needs of bored, rich women. If that wasn't enough, Clare's job is fraught with danger. Working with the police and helping them investigate suspicious deaths, she is constantly at risk and now she is becoming involved in the shocking tragic workings of the Manchester underworld. BONE DANCING is the most unusual mystery you will read this year.

Thursday Legends
  • 9780753117316
  • 01-08-2003
Thursday Legends (Audio CD)
Quintin Jardine / James Bryce

For Deputy Chief Constable Skinner, the Thursday night football game at a local gym has been an unbroken ritual for twenty-five years. Along the way players have come and gone, but a hard core remains, with each match a little older, a little slower, but as fiercely competitive as a gang of teenagers. Until a former player is found murdered in a manner that shocks even a veteran like Skinner, and suddenly the Thursday Legends have more to worry about than aching backs and dodgy knees. Former Head of Special Branch Alec Smith made plenty of enemies during a long career, and there is no shortage of suspects. But as Skinner's investigation gathers pace, everything points to the Legends themselves. Is someone targeting this disparate group of colleagues and friends in some bizarre scheme of retribution? Or is the murderer one of them? This gritty, fast-paced mystery will pin even the most squeamish readers to the page. PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

Wearing Purple
  • 9781842836491
  • 01-08-2003
  • SO-CD
Wearing Purple (Audio CD)
Quintin Jardine / Joe Dunlop

Newly married to his childhood sweetheart and happily settled in Glasgow, private enquiry agent Oz Blackstone is looking for some excitement. And when he's introduced to the seven-foot, granite muscled figure of Everett Davis, champion wrestler and head for the Global Wrestling Alliance, he knows he's found it. The GWA's televised tour of Europe has been dogged by inexplicable technical hitches and terrifying accidents in the ring. Everett is convinced that someone is trying to sabotage his business. Under the inspired disguise of Master of Ceremonies, Oz enters the extraordinary world of professional wrestling. But as he begins to discover the dangerous reality behind the glittering facade, a string of accidents becomes murder, and Oz has to wrestle with the biggest crisis of his life.

Richard & Judy; The Autobiography
  • 9781859036914
  • 01-08-2003
  • SS-CD
Richard & Judy; The Autobiography (Audio CD)
Richard Madeley/Judy Finnigan / Marie McCarthy & Jack Paulin

Richard and Judy are Britain's best-loved 'husband and wife' team. Watched by millions daily over the thirteen years that they hosted ITV's THIS MORNING and now on their own Channel 4 show, RICHARD AND JUDY, they have taken their place in the nation's heart. As delightfully candid, genuine, warm-hearted and spirited as the couple themselves, this compelling autobiography lays bare the heartaches, scares and joys of being one of the nation's most famous couples.

Billy Straight
  • 9780753118559
  • 01-07-2003
Billy Straight (Audio CD)
Jonathan Kellerman / Jeff Harding

A young boy witnesses a murder but who will find him first - the cops or the killer? When beautiful Lisa Bochlinger Ramsey is found brutally stabbed to death in Los Angeles's Griffith Park, a highly sensitive investigation begins for Detective Petra Connor and her partner Stu Bishop. The ex-wife of TV star Cart Ramsey, Lisa had publicly revealed how Ramsay had beaten her up. Suspicion at once falls on the millionaire actor but this is L.A., home of media frenzy and O.J. Simpson. The brass at the LAPD do not want history repeated. Forensic evidence points to a witness to the murder: twelve-year-old Billy Straight - a very scared little boy, frightened into hiding. When Lisa's parents put up a reward on him, only Petra realises the peril in which this child has been placed.

A Deeper Shade Of Blue
  • 9781859036525
  • 01-07-2003
  • SS-CD
A Deeper Shade Of Blue (Audio CD)
Paul Johnston / Geoffrey Annis

"Highly original...always entertaining...great storytelling" - SUNDAY TELEGRAPH The idyllic Greek island of Trigono harbours many secrets. Its labyrinth of caves, containing priceless ancient figures, gave sanctuary to tragic lovers during the Second World War. Now they are the backdrop to acts of chilling depravity. American tourist Rosa Ozal has disappeared and half-Greek, half-Scots investigator Alex Mavros is hired to trace her. In a race to stop a terrible crime being repeated, Mavros must break through Trigono's whitewashed walls of silence to uncover the deadly consequences of a feud that has plagued the island for generations.

Troubled Waters
  • 9781859036686
  • 01-07-2003
  • SS-CD
Troubled Waters (Audio CD)
Rosie Harris / Siriol Jenkins

When fourteen-year-old Sara Jenkins rescues her baby sister, Myfanwy, from the fire that kills their mother, little does she realise the burden she is taking on. Her father Ifor is strict and cruel and when Ifor remarries, Sara finds her new stepmother a hard taskmaster. Rhys Edwards, nephew of the owner of the bakery, falls in love with Sara and they plan to make a new life together in Cardiff - but Sara finds herself alone there, pregnant and destitute. Hard times face Sara, her unborn child and Myfanwy before happiness is finally within reach...