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Nurse's Outback Temptation
  • 9780263296983
  • 01-03-2023
Nurse's Outback Temptation (Hardcover)
Amy Andrews

The right temptation... the wrong time? When nurse Chelsea lands in Australia, her plan is simple: to leave the heartbreaking reason why she can't call London home any more on the plane and start over. Yet when she's introduced to far-too-handsome flight doctor Aaron, it's clear that her 'new start, no romance' vow is already at risk! All Chelsea wants is a summer free from her painful past... But could a summer of love with Aaron be what she really needs?

One Weekend In Prague
  • 9780263296990
  • 01-03-2023
One Weekend In Prague (Hardcover)
Alison Roberts

For one weekend... Or for ever? Before attending a medical conference, trauma specialist Mac meets stranger Hanna under the Astronomical Clock in Prague. Their intense connection takes him by surprise. Strait-laced Mac has never met anyone like free-spirited nurse Hanna, and suddenly he's dropping his guard and stepping out of his comfort zone! Their unforgettable and spontaneous weekend together as tourists, and then tangled between the sheets, makes him see the world differently. But what happens when they leave Prague?

His Cinderella Houseguest
  • 9780263297003
  • 01-03-2023
His Cinderella Houseguest (Hardcover)
Charlotte Hawkes

When midnight strikes... Will his Cinderella stay in his arms? Helicopter pilot Piper Green is supposed to be Dr Lincoln Oakes' new air ambulance colleague - not his houseguest! Yet on discovering she's practically homeless, he offers her his spare room. In such close quarters, sparks soon start to fly, but they agree to keep things strictly professional. Until a dazzling kiss makes their chemistry impossible to ignore... But Piper has a secret, and when Linc learns the truth could their chance at happy-ever-after disappear?

Mending The ER Doc's Heart
  • 9780263297010
  • 01-03-2023
Mending The ER Doc's Heart (Hardcover)
Susan Carlisle

Unexpected second chance... ...for the single dad! ER doctor and widower Chad is focussed solely on his job and his little boy. But when Atlanta Children's Hospital's newest nurse Izzy walks into his emergency room his firm defences are tested! Because behind her dazzling smile he recognises a similar wariness in her eyes. But when Chad sees how she can make his little boy light up like never before, he can't ignore the fact that she might be the missing piece to their puzzle...

The Vet's Escape To Paradise
  • 9780263297027
  • 01-03-2023
The Vet's Escape To Paradise (Hardcover)
Becky Wicks

Looking for adventure! Finding a family? Ivy's dream trip to the Galapagos Islands was planned as her honeymoon - now it's a chance to regroup alone. So on meeting single dad Jero, Ivy tries to give the sexy, brooding vet a wide berth. She's sworn never to be a mother, and after his divorce Jero's priority is his child. But as Ivy is drawn into his work with the local wildlife, and his daughter latches on to her, she starts changing her mind about a family...

Her Secret Rio Baby
  • 9780263297034
  • 01-03-2023
Her Secret Rio Baby (Hardcover)
Luana DaRosa

An impulsive night of passion... A life-changing consequence! The night surgeon Eliana Oliveira met Diego Ferrari he was just a handsome stranger in a bar in Rio de Janeiro. And acting on their instant attraction was her perfect escape from the shock of inheriting a whole hospital from her estranged late father. Now, on her first day at Santa Valeria General, she's in for two shocking discoveries: first, coming face-to-face with Diego in the operating room, and second, she's expecting his baby!

Her Christmas Baby Confession
  • 9780263307771
  • 01-03-2023
Her Christmas Baby Confession (Hardcover)
Sharon Kendrick

An extraordinary Christmas Eve An unexpected gift! Illegitimate prince Xanthos Antoniou has never needed the family who didn't want him. It's simply as a favour to his half-brother that he attends his royal nuptials - where he's stopped in his tracks by defiant bridesmaid Bianca Forrester. Bianca has always wanted someone safe and reliable. So accepting a flight home with Greek playboy Xanthos is totally out of character! Yet when they're suddenly snowbound together, Bianca chooses to embrace their deliciously dangerous chemistry just once... Only to find herself carrying a shocking secret!

A Week With The Forbidden Greek
  • 9780263307788
  • 01-03-2023
A Week With The Forbidden Greek (Hardcover)
Cathy Williams

They should keep things purely professional... ...but their desire is out of control! Grace Brown doesn't have time to fantasise about her boss, Nico Doukas, never mind how attractive he is... Their business trip to paradise is all business - until one unguarded moment turns into seven days and seven nights of earth-shattering passion! Nico never puts his own needs ahead of the family empire. He thinks he can set limits on his liaison with Grace. But as he gets to know the woman who is his buttoned-up secretary, the risk is that one week with Grace won't be nearly enough...

Their Dubai Marriage Makeover
  • 9780263307795
  • 01-03-2023
Their Dubai Marriage Makeover (Hardcover)
Louise Fuller

The billionaire's unfinished business: reclaiming their vows! Newlywed Delphi is devastated when the tycoon who captured her heart in a whirlwind romance seems more enamoured with his work than with her. After one broken promise too many, she's had enough! But Omar Al Majid has other ideas! He convinces her to return with him to Dubai, to be confronted by the truth: their marriage is a mirage, and his relentless drive to create an empire that is his alone is to blame. Now, if he's to win Delphi back, he must reimagine everything he believed their life together would be...

Reclaiming His Runaway Cinderella
  • 9780263307801
  • 01-03-2023
Reclaiming His Runaway Cinderella (Hardcover)
Annie West

She ran from their wedding... Now the Italian has found her! After years of searching, Cesare Brunetti finds his wife Ida cleaning homes to make ends meet. The Cinderella heiress fled mere hours after their vows, even though he was the one blackmailed into their convenient union! Cesare intends to finalise their divorce. But he hasn't counted on discovering Ida's total innocence in their marriage sham. Or on the attraction that rises swift and hot between them beneath the Tuscan sun... Before they say goodbye for good, dare they indulge in the wedding night they never had?

Unwrapping His New York Innocent
  • 9780263307818
  • 01-03-2023
Unwrapping His New York Innocent (Hardcover)
Heidi Rice

From a Halloween ball... Christmas in the tycoon's bed! Desperate for adventure, Ellie MacGregor takes a waitressing job at a glamorous NYC party! Though she's been sheltered, she'll seize life's opportunities with both hands - especially when life presents her with the gorgeous host, Alex Costa... Is Ellie really as sweet and innocent as she seems? Cynical Alex might not trust anyone any more, but he's intrigued by the scorching heat between them. He's still intent on keeping Ellie at arm's length emotionally...but that could prove impossible when the fling they embark on unwraps the most intimate of secrets...

Nine Months After That Night
  • 9780263307825
  • 01-03-2023
Nine Months After That Night (Hardcover)
Melanie Milburne

A surprise arrival... ...leads to an explosive reunion! Billionaire hotelier Jack Livingstone is blindsided when he hears from the elusive woman he spent one mind-blowing night with nine months ago: Harper Swan is in hospital - and she's having his baby! Jack soon discovers Harper is just as shocked as he is by the new arrival. And seeing her again brings the memory of their passion flooding back! Jack doesn't believe in love or commitment - yet he's determined to give his daughter the perfect upbringing he missed out on. A marriage proposal would secure that. But only if Harper accepts...

Snowbound In Her Boss's Bed
  • 9780263307832
  • 01-03-2023
Snowbound In Her Boss's Bed (Hardcover)
Marcella Bell

Outside the snow is falling... Inside the heat is definitely rising! On the first day of Hanukkah, new events director Miriam Howard is summoned to CEO Benjamin Silver's luxurious Aspen chalet. But whilst she's briefing him on plans for a dazzling gala, a blizzard leaves her stranded! All too soon their chemistry becomes obvious. Yet no matter how surprised Miri is to see her own loneliness reflected in Benjamin's piercing blue eyes, she's determined to resist temptation. Which means that until the storm passes they must battle their scandalous and ever-intensifying attraction...

The Prince's Pregnant Secretary
  • 9780263307849
  • 01-03-2023
The Prince's Pregnant Secretary (Hardcover)
Emmy Grayson

One night. One baby. One royal wedding! Though Clara Stephenson takes five different pregnancy tests, she's still unprepared for the result: she's carrying her royal boss's baby! The last thing Clara wants is to become Prince Alaric's convenient princess, when painful memories of her previous relationship still remain. Making Clara his bride is the only way for Alaric to save his heir from a scandal-filled childhood like his own. Yet when their honeymoon reminds them of the desire that led them to the altar, will they realise that more than duty binds them...?

Wearing His Ring Till Christmas
  • 9780263308709
  • 01-03-2023
Wearing His Ring Till Christmas (Hardcover)
Nina Singh

4 weeks, 3 events, 2 hearts... 1 happy-ever-after In this A Five-Star Family Reunion story, tech billionaire Evan never relies on anyone. But when the fate of his company rests upon him showing a softer side, Italian beauty Chiara is the answer! She'll be his fake fiancée, and in return he'll help her complete her beloved mother's bucket list and get Chiara home in time for Christmas. Yet as they travel the world together passion ignites! Could this be for more than just the Christmas holidays?

Crowning His Secret Princess
  • 9780263308716
  • 01-03-2023
Crowning His Secret Princess (Hardcover)
Kate Hardy

Taking Cinderella from sewing ball gowns... wearing them! Just as elected royal heir Sébastien is due to take the throne he learns of a secret princess and rightful heir. Honourable Séb will always do the right thing - even relinquish the crown. But independent seamstress Louisa won't give up her normal life easily, so Séb must charm and convince her to step into the royal spotlight! And as he teaches Louisa how to be a princess, he wishes he didn't have to let her go...

Reclusive Millionaire's Mistletoe Miracle
  • 9780263308723
  • 01-03-2023
Reclusive Millionaire's Mistletoe Miracle (Hardcover)
Michelle Douglas

Can one winter kiss... ...defrost a frozen heart? Widow Chloe's new gardening commission is the perfect excuse to avoid Christmas. When she discovers that her complicated new boss, Beau, also hates the festive season, they agree to mutually dislike it together! Scarred Beau has lost everything and sealed his heart off for good. But Chloe breathes fresh air into his life, and together they embark on an unexpected blistering affair. Will their Christmas together be the miracle they never knew they needed?

Whirlwind Fling To Baby Bombshell
  • 9780263308730
  • 01-03-2023
Whirlwind Fling To Baby Bombshell (Hardcover)
Ally Blake

Interview with a billionaire A fling that's not supposed to last... In this Billion-Dollar Bachelors story, quirky Adelaid yearns to be taken seriously as a journalist, and writing an article on genius Ted Fincher is the perfect way. But when she meets this tall hunk of gorgeousness, the frisson of attraction between them is completely distracting! She should suppress her exuberance for long enough to discover why Ted's heart is so guarded... Yet she can't resist bowling headlong into an affair - one that has shocking consequences!

Selling Sandcastle
  • 9780263308747
  • 01-03-2023
Selling Sandcastle (Hardcover)
Nancy Robards Thompson

Their attraction is the perfect plotline If only it was just for the cameras... Should interior designer Cassie Houston join Sandcastle Real Estate's new reality TV series? Yes, please! But her reinvention plan is complicated by Logan McFadden's arrival. When the sexy black sheep of the McFadden family reluctantly returns to the business, the plot thickens...figuratively and literally. Their sizzling on-screen chemistry is perfect for ratings. But will their off-screen connection survive once the cameras are off and Cassie's secrets are exposed?

How To Survive A Scandal
  • 9780263309300
  • 01-03-2023
How To Survive A Scandal (Hardcover)
Christine Merrill

He's walked right into... The gossip of the Season! Captain William Grosvenor's body may be recovering from battle, but his survivor's guilt remains. The last thing he should be doing is kissing mysterious maids in carriages. Especially when that 'maid' is in fact debutante Lady Annie Fitzroy! Sparring with adventurous Annie is exhilarating, but it's also dangerous. Because the biggest scandal of the Season is about to explode...and Annie is at the heart of it!

Under The Mistletoe
  • 9780263309317
  • 01-03-2023
Under The Mistletoe (Hardcover)
Marguerite Kaye/Bronwyn Scott

Victorian Christmas Reunions Two passionate romances! The Lady's Yuletide Wish by Marguerite Kaye; war nurse Isabella has never forgotten the night she spent in reporter Eugene's arms. Years later, she's surprised when Eugene, now an earl, asks for her help uncovering a family mystery - and that the attraction is still there... Dr. Peverett's Christmas Miracle by Bronwyn Scott; war doctor William is reunited with nurse Honoria, and he invites her to spend the festivities at Haberstock Hall. Is it reckless folly...or the miracle he didn't know he needed?

The Duke's Family For Christmas
  • 9780263309324
  • 01-03-2023
The Duke's Family For Christmas (Hardcover)
Sarah Mallory

He has until Christmas Eve make them a family! Determined to claim the son his late wife kept secret from him Leo, Duke of Tain, is working in disguise as his tutor. Until Miss Lily Wrayford, the child's fiercely protective guardian, discovers Leo's true identity...and gives him until Christmas to prove she can trust him! All Leo wants is to be a good father...but might this brave, captivating woman be the final missing piece of his family?

Secretly Bound To The Marquess
  • 9780263309331
  • 01-03-2023
Secretly Bound To The Marquess (Hardcover)
Diane Gaston

One passionate night A seven-year-old secret... Widowed Lady Eliza Varden must endure one more ball before she can politely return to the country. Only her last dance brings her face to face with Nathaniel, the new Marquess of Hale. It's been years since their steamy encounter, but the spark between them is as alive as ever. Eliza knows it's not just their mutual attraction that binds them now... But is she ready to risk her independence with the truth?

A Stolen Knight's Kiss
  • 9780263309348
  • 01-03-2023
A Stolen Knight's Kiss (Hardcover)
Melissa Oliver

Captured by a knight? Rescued by his kiss! Part of Protectors of the Crown. When orphan Eva loses the father figure who protected her on the streets of London, she suspects the Knights Fortitude. But when she steals information from them she's caught by brooding knight Nicholas. Learning he might not be a villain after all, she puts her distrust aside to work with him. Yet Eva must stay focussed - and not get distracted when they share a stolen kiss!