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Cut Adrift
  • 9781399149082
  • 28-02-2023
Cut Adrift (Audio Download)
Jane Jesmond / Emma Powell

Jen is climbing in the mountains near Alajar, Spain. And it's nothing to do with the fact that an old acquaintance, Nick Crawford, may have suggested that she meet him there...But when things don't go as planned with Nick and her brother calls to voice concerns over the whereabouts of Morwenna - their estranged, free-spirited mother - Jen winds up travelling to a refugee camp on the south coast of Malta. Morwenna is working with a small NGO to help her Libyan friend, Nahla, seek asylum for herself and her two young children. Then Nahla recognises someone else from Libya - and ends up dead later that same day. Jen and Morwenna find themselves responsible for the safety of Nahla's daughters. But what if the safest thing to do is to get in a boat?

A Change Of Heart For The Cornish Midwife
  • 9781801620321
  • 27-02-2023
A Change Of Heart For The Cornish Midwife (Audio Download)
Jo Bartlett / Emma Powell

A forever love...or a future dashed? Midwife Ella Mehenick can't wait to marry the love of her life, Dan Ferguson. They have both waited so long for their perfect day, and they know their future together will be everything they've ever dreamed of. But when Ella suddenly and unexpectedly collapses at work - all plans are put on hold. Dan just wants Ella to get better, but Ella, so used to caring for others, struggles to accept she needs care herself. She doesn't want Dan to give up everything for her and suddenly the life they dreamed of seems to be slipping through their fingers... Once rock solid, Ella and Dan suddenly seem further apart than ever before. Can they find a path back to their happy ever after or will Ella's change of heart risk everything they love?

The Ragged Orphan
  • 9781801626798
  • 24-02-2023
The Ragged Orphan (Audio Download)
Lindsey Hutchinson / Annie Aldington

When 12 year-old Jared Johnson's little sister dies, just hours after his mother breathes her last after wasting away so her children could eat, he knows he is on his own. Desperate to avoid the workhouse, he does everything he can to survive the inhospitable streets of Birmingham. Jared is blessed with the gift of the gab and soon attracts the attention of the King of the Tatters, Toby McGuire. Recognising a kindred spirit, Toby soon has Jared out on a cart hustling for rags. Jared loves driving his horse Bess, shouting 'any old rags' as loud as he can, and it's not long before he's thriving. But being successful can bring you enemies as well as friends. Toby knows that Jared is destined for bigger things - provided his big mouth doesn't get him hurt first...

Paris Requiem
  • 9781399114837
  • 23-02-2023
  • DL-OAK
Paris Requiem (Audio Download)
Chris Lloyd / Tim Bentinck

Paris, 1940. As the city adjusts to life under Nazi occupation, Detective Eddie Giral struggles to reconcile his job as a policeman with his new role enforcing a regime he cannot believe in but must work under. He's sacrificed so much in order to survive in this new world, but the past is not so easily forgotten. When an old friend and an old flame reappear, begging for his help, Eddie must decide how far he will go to help those he loves. He can remain a good man and do nothing, or risk it all in a desperate act of resistance . . .

The Smuggler's Secret
  • 9781399128957
  • 23-02-2023
The Smuggler's Secret (Audio Download)
Lynne Francis / Annie Aldington, Polly Edsell & Mark Meadows

1813. Meg Marsh will do anything to keep a roof over her family's head - even getting involved in a dangerous smuggling operation. When Meg catches the eye of a dashing gentleman above her station, she can't help but start dreaming of a life away from the shingle and boats of Castle Bay. Blinded by flattery and coin, Meg can't see the danger on the horizon. 1913. Carrie Marsh lives a quiet life as a teacher until she turns the head of Oscar, the charming son of the wealthiest family in Castle Bay. The two spend a carefree summer in the secret garden rumoured to be haunted by Carrie's murdered ancestor. But when they accidentally stumble upon human bones, Carrie is forced to ask herself whether she really knows Oscar at all - and whether she is doomed to follow in her ancestor's footsteps.

Questions For A Dead Man
  • 9781399148696
  • 23-02-2023
Questions For A Dead Man (Audio Download)
Alex Gray / Joe Dunlop

When a prominent MSP goes missing, DSI William Lorimer wastes no time in investigating. Robert Truesdale was fronting the controversial campaign to legalise drugs in Scotland, and his enemies were numerous. With every passing day, the chances of finding him alive grow slimmer. Then the worst happens. A car bomb explodes in a nearby village, and the blackened body pulled from the wreckage appears to be Truesdale's. Yet there are details that don't add up and soon Lorimer is questioning whether the victim was all he claimed to be. Lorimer calls on the assistance of his friend, PC Daniel Kohi, who has infiltrated a local gang as part of a police initiative to crack down on drug-related crime in Glasgow. As their investigation draws them into the dark heart of Glasgow's criminal underworld, Lorimer and Kohi discover that danger is everywhere and nobody is as they seem.

The Proof In The Pudding
  • 9781407997476
  • 23-02-2023
The Proof In The Pudding (Audio Download)
Rosemary Shrager / Rachel Atkins

Preparing a midwinter's feast for all hundred residents of the little Yorkshire village of Scrafton Busk is exactly the kind of challenge Prudence Bulstrode adores. A chance to show off her braised-neck of Moorland mutton, Wensleydale tart - and, of course, her famous figgy pudding - is just the thing to shake off the winter blues. But on the night of the feast, local vagabond Terry Chandler is found dead - his body entombed in the snowman standing pride of place on the village green. Who wanted Chandler dead? Why would they stow his body in such strange circumstances? And why did he direct his brother to Mystery Hills, a place of which no one has ever heard? Crime and cookery continue to collide as Prudence and her long-suffering sidekick, granddaughter Suki, get drawn into another mystifying murder . . .

The Lady Of The Loch
  • 9781802800241
  • 23-02-2023
The Lady Of The Loch (Audio Download)
Elena Collins / Cathleen McCarron & Emma Powell

Ravenscraig Castle, Scotland. 1307 When the castle she works in is sacked by the army of Prince Edward of England, kitchen maid Agnes Fitzgerald manages to escape north of Inverness to throw herself at the mercy of the Lord and Lady at Ravenscraig Castle. Although safe for now, the people of Scotland are fighting hard for their independence, and the threat of the English hangs heavy over the land. But when Agnes spies Cam Buchanan swimming in the loch, her mind turns away from war and towards love. Agnes even dares to dream of a happy future, until she learns that Cam must go and fight alongside Robert de Brus. Present day Twins Leah and Zoe need a change, so caretaking at Ravenscraig Castle is the perfect opportunity to get away from it all. Surrounded by rugged Highland countryside, and bordered by a loch, the picturesque setting is everything they dreamed of. But the locals are reluctant to visit Ravenscraig, and there are whispers of ghosts and lost souls. The sisters quickly dismiss such superstition, but soon the overwhelming sadness they feel coming from tower grows too hard to ignore. Can the sisters finally right the wrongs of seven hundred years of heartbreak, seven hundred years of betrayal...

Dreams Come True At Primrose Hall
  • 9781802807103
  • 22-02-2023
Dreams Come True At Primrose Hall (Audio Download)
Jill Steeples / Karen Cass

Pia Temple has always had a soft spot for Jackson Moody following a passionate teenage love affair that burnt out over one long summer, more than ten years ago. First loves can be hard to forget, and the devastatingly gorgeous Jackson, is harder to forget than most. After putting aside her ambitions while she cared for her parents, it is finally time for Pia to think about herself. So, when she's offered the perfect job running the social calendar at Primrose Hall, with a dreamy flat included, how can she refuse? There's only one problem... The new owner of the refurbished seventeenth-century manor house set in the idyllic Primrose Woods, is none other than Jackson, the man she's thought about every day for years. In a whirl of weddings and craft fairs, literary festivals and tea parties, Pia blossoms in her new role. But with the delectable Jackson a daily distraction, maybe this isn't the dream job after all - especially when Jackson's unfeasibly beautiful ex-girlfriend Tara, comes back to visit the hall...

  • 9781837513772
  • 21-02-2023
Gone (Audio Download)
Ruby Speechley / Julie Maisey

My son is missing, and everyone is lying to me. Last night my son, Shay, sneaked out of the house and didn't come home. He promised not to go to the illegal party in the woods. But someone's been attacked and Shay has gone missing. The police want to know if he saw what happened. I'm worried he could be involved. After all the trouble he's been in lately, mixing with the wrong crowd, coming home beaten up and scared, I thought we'd put it all behind us. Trouble is, Shay resents me moving my new boyfriend into the family home. I found all sorts on his laptop, including a half-written email warning me not to trust David. What does he know that I don't? I'm beginning to fear for his safety. What is David hiding from me? Who have I let into our lives? I don't know who I can trust. Will I ever see my son alive again?

The Catch
  • 9781804267837
  • 20-02-2023
The Catch (Audio Download)
Shari Low/Ross King / Ross King & Helen McAlpine

They've made it to the top...but someone is determined to make them pay... At a glittering after-party on the night of the Academy Awards, author Mirren McLean celebrates her win with her childhood friends Davie Johnston and Zander Leith by her side. Three kids from a tough street in Glasgow, the dazzling trio rose from the ashes to become Hollywood stars with global fame and vast fortunes. This is their moment in the spotlight. But by morning, there's only darkness. A secret from their past has come back to haunt them and the shield of stardom can't protect them from the horrors of their old lives. Someone is out to destroy them...and unlike the movies, there's no guarantee that the good guys will win.

Alice Alone
  • 9781838896249
  • 17-02-2023
Alice Alone (Audio Download)
Amanda Brookfield / Charlotte Strevens

On the day that her youngest child leaves home, Alice Hatton discovers two disturbing truths in a matter of hours. The Empty Nest cliche is true. And she does not love her husband Peter at all. Now in her fifties, Alice is appalled to realise that she is no longer considered her own person, but is instead defined by her relationships - mother to her adult children, wife to her husband. Horrified by the thought of spending another thirty years with Peter in their North London suburb, Alice decides to take matters into her own hands. What follows is a triumphant and liberating breaking of all the rules. But when Alice must cope with loss for the second time in as many years, she discovers what even the most apparently 'respectable' woman is capable of.

The Vintage Shop Of Second Chances
  • 9781399114844
  • 16-02-2023
  • DL-OAK
The Vintage Shop Of Second Chances (Audio Download)
Libby Page / Katherine Fenton & Helen Keeley & Phyllida Nash

Among the cobbled streets of the Somerset town of Frome, Lou is embarking on the start of something new. After the death of her beloved mother, she is opening her own vintage clothes shop. In upstate New York, Donna has just found out some news which has called into question her whole upbringing. The only clue to her past she has is a picture of a yellow dress, one that is currently on display in a shop in England. Maggy is facing life as a 70-something divorcée and while she got the house, she's not sure what to fill it with. The new vintage shop in town sparks memories of her past and reignites a passion she's been missing . . . Together, can these three women find the answers they are searching for and unlock a second chance at a new life?

The Right Wavelength
  • 9781399114875
  • 16-02-2023
  • DL-OAK
The Right Wavelength (Audio Download)
Amber Crewe / Polly Edsell

From the outside, Lorna has everything sorted. A cool job in radio, a home to call her own, plenty of friends. And anyone would be happy to attend their school reunion if they'd had the kind of post-adolescent glow up she's managed to pull off. Library Lorna is no more, and this new Lorna is 100%, definitely over her teenage crush on Finn, the most popular boy in school. But on the inside, Lorna's got to admit she is trying too hard. Everything is so much more difficult for her than it seems to be for everyone else. She's sure something is wrong with her, she just needs to figure out what that is - and fast, now that Finn is back in her life and she's finally got a chance of getting everything she's ever dreamed of.

Red Dirt Road
  • 9781399137812
  • 16-02-2023
Red Dirt Road (Audio Download)
S.R. White / Helen Walsh

In Unamurra - a drought-scarred, one-pub town deep in the outback - two men are savagely murdered a month apart, their bodies elaborately arranged like angels. With no witnesses, no obvious motive, and no apparent connection between the killings, how can lone police officer Detective Dana Russo - flown in from hundreds of kilometres away - possibly solve such a brutal, baffling case? Met with silence and suspicion from locals who live by their own set of rules, Dana must take over a stalled investigation with only a week to make progress. But with a murderer hiding in plain sight, and the parched days rapidly passing, Dana is determined to uncover the shocking secrets of this forgotten town - a place where anyone could be a killer.

  • 9781399138000
  • 16-02-2023
Expectant (Audio Download)
Vanda Symon / Kirsty Gillmore

The shocking murder of a heavily pregnant woman throws the New Zealand city of Dunedin into a tailspin, and the devastating crime feels uncomfortably close to home for Detective Sam Shephard as she counts down the days to her own maternity leave. Confined to a desk job in the department, Sam must find the missing link between this brutal crime and a string of cases involving mothers and children in the past. As the pieces start to come together, and the realisation dawns that the killer's actions are escalating, drastic measures must be taken to prevent more tragedy. For Sam, the case becomes personal when it becomes increasingly clear that no one is safe - and the clock is ticking . . .

The Forcing
  • 9781399138055
  • 16-02-2023
The Forcing (Audio Download)
Paul E. Hardisty / John Chancer

Civilisation is collapsing. Frustrated and angry after years of denial and inaction, a government of youth has taken power in North America, and a policy of institutionalised ageism introduced. All those older than the prescribed age are deemed responsible for the current state of the world, and are to be 'relocated', their property and assets confiscated. David Ashworth and his wife May find themselves among the thousands being moved to the southern deserts. Together, they must come to terms with their new lives in a land rendered unrecognisable. As the terrible truth of their situation is revealed, they plan a perilous escape, lured by rumours of a tropical sanctuary where they can live in peace. But the world outside is more dangerous than they could ever have imagined. And for those who survive, nothing will ever be the same again...

Dead Of Night
  • 9781445076652
  • 16-02-2023
Dead Of Night (Audio Download)
Simon Scarrow / Simon Mattacks

One freezing night, an SS doctor and his wife return from an evening mingling with their fellow Nazis at the concert hall. By the time the sun rises, the doctor will be lying lifeless in a pool of blood. Was it murder or suicide? Criminal Inspector Horst Schenke is told that under no circumstances should he investigate. The doctor's widow, however, is convinced her husband was the target of a hit. But why would anyone murder an apparently obscure doctor? Compelled to dig deeper, Schenke learns of the mysterious death of a child. The cases seem unconnected, but soon chilling links begin to emerge that point to a terrifying secret. Even in times of war, under a ruthless regime, there are places in hell no man should ever enter. And Schenke fears he may not return alive...

Rainbows Over Puddleduck Farm
  • 9781802809039
  • 16-02-2023
Rainbows Over Puddleduck Farm (Audio Download)
Della Galton / Karen Cass

Don't dream your life, live your dreams... Phoebe Dashwood is a passionately committed vet who's living the dream. She's about to open her own small animal practice at her grandmother's animal shelter, Puddleduck Farm in the New Forest. Phoebe is helped by her two oldest friends. Her best friend Tori is a mix of hard-headed journalist and hopeless romantic, who thinks love will conquer all when she finds the right man! Then there is Sam, Phoebe's staunchest ally, whose integrity and selflessness mean he would do anything to make Phoebe happy, no matter what the cost to himself. Very soon Phoebe discovers that fantasy and reality don't quite match. An unscrupulous bunny breeder, a poisoned stream, and a complicated attraction all conspire to throw her dreams in a spin. Events come to a shocking climax at the New Forest Show where Phoebe's world is turned upside down and she has to make some life changing decisions.

The Lonely Lake Killings
  • 9781804837610
  • 15-02-2023
The Lonely Lake Killings (Audio Download)
Wes Markin / Aubrey Parsons

A lonely recluse. A missing girl and a community in fear. When the body of a young local girl is found next to an isolated lake, the main suspect is the old recluse who has lived next to the lake for many years - especially when the young girl's purse is found on the old man's doorstep. But DCI Emma Gardner and her partner DI Paul Riddick aren't so sure. Why would the old hermit leave such an obvious clue? And who would want to set the old man up? As they dig deeper into the murder they discover a community in fear, determined to keep hold of long buried secrets. And Riddick is convinced that his own dark past is somehow linked to this crime, too. Gardner fears that she may never get the answers she needs, until a break leads her down a path she'd rather not face. One that runs directly to her own front door...

One French Summer
  • 9781804269732
  • 14-02-2023
One French Summer (Audio Download)
Gillian Harvey / Lucy Scott

Only child out of the house - so far out that she's gone all the way to Australia! A husband, who has requested a break. Life isn't quite going as planned for Katy. She's suddenly at a loss, but she still has her friends Sam, Vicky and Ivy. The girls have been there for her through thick and they're not about to stop now. However, they think Katy might need more than boot they kidnap her and head off to France on a last minute retreat. Can a reset give her a new lease on life or help her win back her husband? Or could there be a new love in her life? She went for a holiday, but it could become the start of a second chance...

The Weekend
  • 9781801625944
  • 13-02-2023
The Weekend (Audio Download)
L.H. Stacey / Anne Dover

That Lake. This house. His friends. They all know what happened to my boy. I know they do. And have to help me find the truth... A weekend to remember... Ten years ago, deeply in love, I would have done anything for Thomas Kirkwood. But on the night of our graduation, fuelled by drink and drugs, Thomas's lifeless body was found floating in the Kirkwood family lake. That weekend changed everything, and I swore I would never return to Kirkwood manor. A weekend to forget... Now, ten years later, I have been invited back to the place that holds such terrible memories for me, to a memorial weekend for Thomas, organised by his still-grieving mother Ada. But this is no ordinary weekend. This is a reunion to catch a killer...and I fear that I could be top of Ada's list...

King Of Kings
  • 9781837511778
  • 10-02-2023
King Of Kings (Audio Download)
MJ Porter / Matt Coles

In the battle for power, there can be only one ruler. AD925 Athelstan is the king of the English, uniting the petty kingdoms of Wessex, Mercia, the Danish-held Five Boroughs and York following the sudden death of his father, King Edward. His vision is to unite the realms of the Scots and the Welsh in a peace accord that will protect their borders from the marauding threat of the Norse Vikings. Whilst seemingly craving peace and demanding loyalty with an imperium over every kingdom, Athelstan could dream of a much bigger prize. But danger and betrayal surround his best intentions, namely from his overlooked stepbrother, Edwin, who conspires and vies for what he deems is his rightful place as England's king. As ever, powerful men who wish to rule do not wish to be ruled, and Constantin of the Scots, Owain of Strathclyde, and Ealdred of Bamburgh plot their revenge against the upstart English king, using any means necessary. An epic story of kingsmanship that will set in motion the pivotal, bloody Battle of Brunanburh where allies have to be chosen wisely...

What July Knew
  • 9781399124041
  • 09-02-2023
What July Knew (Audio Download)
Emily Koch

Summer, 1995. On her tenth birthday, July's teacher sets the class a project to find out about a relation they don't know. It's easy for July to choose her subject. She doesn't remember her mother, who died when she was small, and her father refuses to talk about her. Ever. The only memories she has of her are flashbacks from the accident that claimed her mother's life. But then she receives the note: 'She didn't die in a car accident.' Determined to discover what really happened, July begins to investigate, cycling around the street where her family used to live and questioning the neighbours. When she is caught snooping round a crumbling house at the end of the road, she learns that the man living there was the last person to see July's mother alive.