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The Hunt
by Bear Grylls (More Titles by Bear Grylls)

Read by Rupert Degas

ISBN: 9781787069404

Audio (unabridged) - 9 CDs

Published - 01-07-2018

Genre - Thriller

1945, and the Nazis are facing imminent defeat. In a last attempt to protect their legacy, the high command hides their store of uranium deep underground. 2018, and ex-SAS soldier Will Jaeger stumbles upon this horrible truth. But the uranium is missing and, when he learns his wife Ruth has been kidnapped, he's certain the enemy is on the move once more. That much uranium in the wrong hands could devastate the world. Jaeger must find it - but the enemy is always one step ahead, and the people who hold Ruth have a score to settle. It's a race against time, and the clock is ticking...
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