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The Incurable Romantic
by Frank Tallis (More Titles by Frank Tallis)

Read by Simon Shepherd

ISBN: 9781787069558

Audio (unabridged) - 8 CDs

Published - 01-08-2018

Genre - General Non-Fiction

Love is a great leveller. Everyone falls in love, loses love, and knows something of love's madness. But obsessive love is no trivial matter, and in the course of his career, psychologist Dr Frank Tallis has treated many unusual patients including a widow visited by her dead husband's ghost; an academic besotted with his own reflection and a night porter possessed by a lascivious demon. These are just some of the extraordinary true accounts that take us on a journey through the darker realms of the amorous mind. Drawing on the latest scientific research, The Incurable Romantic demonstrates how love dissolves the divide between normal and abnormal.
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