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Welcome to our website which has been designed with libraries' needs and services in mind.

Contact us now to set up your account and log in details. Once registered you'll be able to set up your account to: view order details; set up order privileges for branches; tailor your EDI requirements; and of course order from our extensive online database. For further information and to set up your account and log in details please email: marketing@ulverscroft.co.uk.

We offer a wide variety of large print titles in hard and soft cover formats as well as unabridged audio books. Many titles are written by the world's favourite authors and Ulverscroft is considered the leading world-wide publisher of large print and unabridged audio books.

This website is designed for public libraries, any discounts advertised on this site apply to library orders only. Consumers please call 0116 236 4325 with sales enquiries.