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General information about MP3 CDs

What is contained on the disc?
The disc contains the MP3 files and a single M4b file. Each MP3 file represents a chapter or track of the unabridged audio book. In most cases the single disc will include both the MP3 files and the M4b file. For longer books, however, it may be necessary to include a second disc and at times this may just contain the M4b file, where this applies the disc will be clearly labelled.

What is an MP3 file?
The MP3 file is the audio file which has been compressed to a smaller size. As such it can only be played on MP3 compatible CD, DVD and MP3 players, iPods, mobile phones, PCs and Apple Macs. All compatible MP3 players are clearly marked with MP3 CD.

What is an M4b file?
The M4b file is provided at no extra cost for the convenience of iTunes users. This file contains all MP3 files as a single file. At this time only iPod users can use the M4b file.

Playing the MP3 CD

How do I play the MP3 CD on a compatible CD player?
This is identical to playing a regular CD, just insert the disc into the player and press play.

How do I copy the MP3 CD to a portable MP3 device?

  • Insert the MP3 disc into the CD/DVD drive on the PC.
  • Open the My Music folder and create a new sub-folder using the title of the book.
  • On the PC desktop open the MP3 CD folder.
  • Select all of the files on the MP3CD.
  • Copy them into the new folder created with the My Music folder.
  • This new folder then needs to be copied to either iTunes or Windows Media Player.
  • Open iTunes/Windows Media Player on the desktop, followed by the My Music folder.
  • Click and drag the new folder created in My Music to either iTunes/Windows Media Player.
  • Synchronise the MP3 device to iTunes/Windows Media Player.

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding our MP3 CDs then please email who will be delighted to assist you. Alternatively, please download our free MP3 CD User Guide.

MP3 User Guide

Follow our free guide and get to grips with using MP3 CDs.

MP3 CD User Guide