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Academy Street Nominated For Dublin Literary Award

3 January 2017

Mary Costello's novel Academy Street has made the shortlist for the prestigious Dublin Literary Award.

Academy Street by Mary Costello
SHE STOOD ON THE EDGE OF THE GRASS. SHE HOVERED BETWEEN WORLDS. MEMORIES ABOUNDED AND HER HEART POUNDED AND HISTORY BROKE IN... Growing up in 1940s Ireland, Tess is a shy child, whose mother's early death makes her withdraw even further into herself. But beneath her quiet exterior lies a heart of fire - a force that will later drive her to make her home among the hurly-burly of New York. Over decades of a life lived with quiet intensity on Academy Street in upper Manhattan, Tess encounters ferocious love and calamitous loss. But what endure are her bravery and fortitude, even as she is 'floating close to hazard'.

This title is available to purchase in large print softcover.