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Natchez Burning

eDunnit Award

3 January 2017

The eDunnit Award is for the best crime fiction eBook first published in both hardcopy and in electronic format in the British Isles in 2014.

The winning author receives a cash prize as well as a commemorative Bristol Blue Glass vase.

Natchez Burning by Greg Illes
Penn Cage is facing a son's worst nightmare - having his father stand accused of murder. Worse, each effort to defend the legendary Dr Tom Cage unearths new, shocking secrets, leaving Penn to question whether he ever really knew his father at all. At issue is the murder of Viola Turner, once Tom Cage's nurse, now back in Natchez and a corpse in her sister's house. What was the relationship between Tom, Viola, and the "Double Eagle Club", an ultra-violent group of hardened men who considered themselves more elite than their peers in the Ku Klux Klan? In Natchez, where the past is never truly "past", long-buried secrets turn lethal when exposed to the light of day.

Available to purchase in both CDs and MP3 CD format.