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Longlist for Baileys Women's Prize for Fiction Released

3 January 2017

The longlist for the Baileys Women's Prize for Fiction has just been announced and we're happy to announce that we have published 5 of the nominees.

A Dictionary Of Mutual Understanding by Jackie Copleton
When a badly scarred man knocks on the door of Amaterasu Takahashi's retirement home and says he is her grandson, she doesn't believe him. Amaterasu knows that her grandson and daughter died the day the Americans dropped the atomic bomb on Nagasaki; she searched for them amongst the ruins of her devastated city. So this man is either a miracle or a cruel trick. The stranger forces Amaterasu to revisit her past: the hurt and humiliation of her early life, the intoxication of a first romance, the fierceness of a mother's love. For years she has held on to the idea that she did what she had to do to protect her family...but now nothing seems so certain. We can't rewrite history - but can we create a new future?

This title is available to purchase in hardcover large print.

The Book Of Memory by Petina Gappah
Memory is a woman with albinism languishing in Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison in Harare, Zimbabwe, where she has been convicted of murder. As part of her appeal, her lawyer insists that she write down what happened as she remembers it. The death penalty is the mandatory sentence for murder, and Memory is, both literally and metaphorically, fighting for her life. As her story unfolds, she reveals that she has been tried and convicted for the murder of Lloyd Hendricks, her carer. But who was Lloyd Hendricks, really? And did everything happen exactly as she remembers? Moving between the townships of the poor and the suburbs and country retreats of the rich, and between the past and the present, Memory tells a tale of love, obsession, the relentlessness of fate, and the treachery of remembrance.

This title is available to purchase in hardcover large print.

Girl At War by Sara Novic
Zagreb, 1991: Ten-year-old Ana Juric is living with her family in a small apartment when civil war breaks out across Yugoslavia, splintering her idyllic childhood. Her sense of safety starts to fray as daily life is altered by food rations and air raid drills, and football matches are replaced by sniper fire. When the war arrives at her doorstep, Ana must find her way in a dangerous world.

New York, 2001: Ana is now a college student in Manhattan. Still haunted by the events that forever changed her family, she returns to Croatia after a decade away, hoping to make peace with the place she once called home. As she faces her ghosts, she must come to terms with her country's difficult history, and the events that interrupted her childhood years before.

This title is available to purchase in hardcover large print.

Gorsky by Vesna Goldsworthy
The most enigmatic of oligarchs, Roman Borisovich Gorsky has been led to London by his love for his countrywoman Natalia. That she is now married to an Englishman is an inconvenient detail...At the heart of Gorsky's grand mansion by the Thames will be the finest library in Europe. Now he just needs the books. So when an armour-plated car halts in front of a down-at-heel bookshop, the startled young man behind the till receives the commission of a lifetime. As Nikola Kimovic suddenly gains privileged access to the wealthy and the beautiful, he finds a world filled with delectable books, but fraught with danger.

This title is available to purchase in softcover large print.

The Green Road by Anne Enright
A darkly glinting novel set on Ireland's Atlantic coast, The Green Road is a story of fracture and family, selfishness and compassion - a book about the gaps in the human heart and how we learn to fill them. The children of Rosaleen Madigan leave the west of Ireland for lives they never could have imagined in Dublin, New York and various third-world towns. In her early old age their difficult, wonderful mother announces that she's decided to sell the house and divide the proceeds. Her adult children come back for a last Christmas, with the feeling that their childhoods are being erased, their personal history bought and sold.

This title is available to purchase in CD, MP3CD and audio download formats.