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Jam Busters

TV Tie-In: Jambusters

3 January 2017

ITV's Home Fires series is based on the book Jambusters by Julie Summers.

Jambusters by Julie Summers
The Second World War was the WI's finest hour. The whole of their previous history - two decades of educating, entertaining, supporting women and campaigning on women's issues - culminated in a collective desire to 'do their bit' for Britain. With all the vigour, energy and enthusiasm at their disposal, a third of a million country women set out to make their lives and the lives of those around them more bearable in what they described as a 'period of insanity'. Through archive material and interviews with many WI members, Julie Summers takes us behind the scenes, revealing their nitty-gritty approach to the daily problems presented by the conflict. This is the compelling true story of how the Women's Institute pulled rural Britain through the war with pots of jam and a spirit of make-do-and-mend.

The large print version of this title can be pre-ordered (published October 2015).