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Two Ulverscroft Authors Win Windham-Campbell Prize

3 January 2017

We were happy to see that two Ulverscroft authors have won the Windham-Campbell Prize.

C.E Morgan and Tessa Hadley have been chosen due to their literary achievements or their potential. We published C.E Morgan's 'All The Living' and Tessa Hadley's 'The Past'.

All The Living by Tessa Hadley
One summer, a young woman travels to the isolated tobacco farm her lover has inherited. As Orren works to save the farm from drought, Aloma struggles with loneliness and tries to find her way in a combative, erotically charged relationship with a grieving, taciturn man. Her growing sense of dissatisfaction is further complicated by her friendship with a dynamic young preacher. As she considers whether to stay with Orren or to leave, she grapples with the finality of loss and death, and the eternal question of whether it is better to fight for freedom or to submit to love.

This title is available to purchase in large print.

The Past by C.E Morgan
Three adult sisters and their brother meet up at their grandparents' old cottage during one long, hot summer. The house is in need of expensive renovation, and the siblings must decide whether to commit the funds or sell up. But under the idyllic surface, tensions are growing. Alice has brought with her Kasim, the twenty-year-old son of her ex-boyfriend - who makes plans to seduce the quiet Molly, Roland's sixteen-year-old daughter. Meanwhile, Fran's young children uncover an ugly secret in a ruined cottage in the woods. Passion erupts where it's least expected, blasting the self-possession of Harriet, the eldest sister. And Roland has come with his new (third) wife, whom his sisters don't like. A way of life - bourgeois, literate, ritualised, Anglican - winds down to its inevitable end: both a loss and a release.

This title is available to purchase in large print.