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The Last Of Us
by Harriet Cummings (More Titles by Harriet Cummings)

Read by Maggie Mash

ISBN: 9781787069473

Audio (unabridged) - 8 CDs

Published - 01-08-2018

Genre - General Fiction

82-year-old Nettie still hears the occasional gossiping, but most have forgotten what she did. Living alone in a run-down farmhouse, she surrounds herself with memories of her late husband and estranged daughter Catherine. When Catherine's friend James appears out of the blue, Nettie is grateful for the company and keen to learn more about her daughter. But soon James starts asking Nettie questions she doesn't want to answer; about some things she can't remember and others she's tried to forget. As her memory fails her, how can Nettie be certain she did the terrible things everyone says she did?
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