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A Double Life
by Flynn Berry (More Titles by Flynn Berry)

Read by Candida Gubbins

ISBN: 9781787710245

Audio (unabridged) - 1 MP3-CD

Published - 01-09-2018

Genre - General Fiction

Claire's father is a handsome, brilliant aristocrat surrounded by a group of devoted friends who would do anything for him. But when he becomes the prime suspect in a horrific attack on Claire's mother, fate and privilege collide, and a scandal erupts. Claire's father disappears overnight, his car abandoned, blood on the front seat. Thirty years later, Claire is obsessed with uncovering the truth. She knows that the answer lies with the same friends who all those years ago protected one of their own. Because they know where Claire's father is. They helped him escape. And it's time their pristine lives met her fury.
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