Welcome to Ulverscroft Digital

How it Works
A library pays an annual subscription and then purchases each audio book it wishes to make available to its patrons. The patrons then access the service via the library website using a library supplied user name and password.

  • Subscription:
    There is an annual subscription to gain access to the service. This is payable in advance. It covers the cost of maintaining the site and our software.
  • Audio books:
    The library purchases any titles it wishes to make available to its patrons. These purchases are on the basis of one purchase one loan. A library must make multiple purchases if it wishes to make a title available to multiple users simultaneously.
  • Features
  • Affordable annual subscriptions. The cost of renewing your subscription will be less than the initial annual charge.
  • Excellent selection of titles is available, ranging from Betty Neels to Jo Nesbø.
  • No special software is required by the library or its patrons.
  • No digital rights management (DRM). A user downloads the files and loads into iTunes or Windows Media Player.
  • Downloads available as MP3 or M4b files. MP3 files can be used by either PC or Mac; M4b files are Mac only.
  • Each title is split into Parts. This makes it easier for users to download titles where the broadband connection may be slow.
  • A title can be downloaded at any time during the loan period.
  • The loan period reflects the library physical loan period, minimum of two weeks.
  • Titles can be copied to most MP3 devices, iPhones, iPods and iPads.
  • Ability to reserve titles if a desired title is on loan.
  • 20+ new titles available per month.
  • My Account section for each user. This shows titles the user has on loan; titles on reserve; titles previously downloaded.
  • Designed to be very simple to use.
  • Packages are available to suit all library budgets.
  • Content Ownership - please ask our Sales Representative for more information.
  • COMING SOON… E-Books

    Next Step
    Please email your local Sales Representative for further information and to arrange a demonstration.

    In Australia: Francis Richardson
    In New Zealand: John Gregory

    In the Republic of Ireland: Robert Hughes

    In the UK: Mark Merrill
    or Peter Douglas